maandag 29 december 2008

Christmas is over....

I had some wonderful day's!!!
The kids are spoiled and so are Jeremy and I!
There is one gift that allmost brought us to tears, it's gorgeous!!!
It's a painting with our girls on it and Dimitri (my brother in law) gave it to us.

Jeremy's parents gave me a laminate machine and I love it.
I've used it allready :):):):):):)
I have made a mini album with it and I'm planning to do much more with it!!
For more pictures of the mini go to my gallery at Scrappy Times.
Don't forget to stop by at our blog too in january.
We are having 2 challenges a month, a tutorial.
We are also going to announce the first Member of the Month, if you become Member of the Month you are our guest designer in the next month.
So if you want to be our guest designer stop by and find out what to do!!!!

dinsdag 23 december 2008

Scrappy Times & more

This morning I finished a LO I was working on.
I really didn't had a clue what i was doing with this one and so I'm pretty happy with the result.
The piece of grey cardstock was actually a pink piece, pink didn't work out so i painted grey and decided to add some green to it.
And don't you love that vintage lace?? Well I do so much, i can't work without lace or ribbon anymore.
It's something I have to add to a page, don't know where it's comming from, but it's working for me at the moment!!

You'll have to check out Scrappy Times!!!
I've picked a Design Team and I can tell you they are a bunch of talented ladies!!!
It was the hardest decision ever, all the submissions that came in were absolutly amazing!!
The girls that made the team are:
** Calia **
** Marcee **
** Michelle B **
** Michelle W **
Check out our Scrappy Times Blog to get to know these fab's!!

And this little man is Timo, my godson!!
I'm so very proud of him, he's the cutest don't you think??
This picture was taken last sunday when we were out with the kids to go listen to the christmas story.
offcourse Timo came with us to and he had the biggest fun!!
I can't believe he's three months allready!!!

Today we went ice skating again and again we had sooooooo much fun.
This time Chelsey had her own skates we bought last week.
She was so proud to have her own, she was telling everybody!!
We saw some older kids from school too and Chelsey loved there attention!!

zaterdag 20 december 2008

I scrapped a canvas

I've scrapped a few before as a gift and now I've finally made one just for me!!!
I've used some pictures of such a great day we have a little while ago when we went to a theme park.

Last week I did some more scrapping!
I've made a LO for a challenge at the NBKS crop.
The challenge was to make a LO or two cards out of scraps.
I have a ton of scraps so that was a great challenge for me.
I ripped a bunch of scraps and added some flowers and a leftover ribbon and it turned out great.

And then there was St. Nichoals over here and we had so much fun celebrating and we took a lot of pictures.The picture I scrapped is one of my favorites of the evening we spend at my brothers house.
St. Nicholas came over with a lot of presents for the kids!!

dinsdag 16 december 2008

Ice skating!!!

We have a ice-rink (I don't know if this is the right word, found it over on a trancelation site)over here!
And that's awesome since it isn't freezing enough to go skating on real ice.
So tonight I took Chelsey-Anne with me to go ice skating for the very first time in her life.
At first she was a little bit scared, but along hte way she more and more enjoyed her it!!

I had the best time too and I can't waith to get back again.
Also it's nice to have some quality time together.
Sometimes she really needs a little attention just for her!!

Also I can't waith for Brooklynn to be old enough to go with us.
The three of us allway's have so much fun together so even though it's great to spend some time alone with Chelsey it's even more fun with the three of us girls together.
Okay, the four of us, daddy can join us too when he's back on his feet hehe :):)
(You know I love you Jer!!)

xoxo Jacqueline

zondag 14 december 2008


Do you like sketches ad much as I do????

Well I love them a lot, I think they are perfect in times when you don't have all that much of inspiration!!
So like not that long a go I've started to make some sketches of my own and it's so much fun to do!!
I'm going to make some more for inspiration and you can find them at Scrappy Times!!
We have some new other fun stuff too over at Scrappy Times.
There's a group were you can organize some swaps if you like.
And to keep things all clear we have a group were you can add your takes on the future challenge's!!!
Members keep signing up, we are growing every day!!
I'm so happy about it!!
So if you are'nt a member jet, sign up, we have a lot of fun allready!!!
And you can still try out for our Design Team untill saturday!
See you @ Scrappy Times
xoxo Jacqueline

vrijdag 12 december 2008


Jeremy came home yesterday!!
The girls are so happy to have there daddy back home (and so am I)!!
So now tomorrow we can celebrate a late st. Nicholas evening this weekend with the kids.
I'm so excited about it, love to see those faces when they get there pesents!!

Well keep it a short post for now.
I'm going to play over at Never Been Kissed Scrappers, they are having an online crop!

Bye, see you later!!!

dinsdag 9 december 2008

Just being busy!!!

Just being busy, that's just what I am!!
I keep myself busy though.
That's the only way for me to get trough this day's when the kids are to bed.

I'm trying to get my forum (Scrappy Times) going, I have 28 members allready, so that's going great!!
The first challenge is allready been done!!
Now there's a tutorial up at the blog of the forum, my first try on something like that!!!
I'm so loving to do this and hoping it turns out just the way I had in mind!!!
I'm hoping I will find a sponsor in the near future so I can organize some bigger challenges and have something for the comming Design Team to work with.
We'll see, first things first!!!

I'm also getting some scrapping done.
I've made a 6x12 page with a couple of photo's of my girls playing in the snow that fell down that one single day over here!!!

Then I did some Christmas decorating in the house and I'm far from ready jet!!
So excited, I loooooooove Christmas, it's making me forget the struggles we went trough this past year!!
I want the decorating finished though when Jeremy comes home from the hospital so that would be thursday we were told today.
Hopefully that's right, because we were told at first that it would be tomorrow.
We'll see, in mean while I have a nice 'to do' list to keep me busy!!

zaterdag 6 december 2008


So here an update on Jeremy and how he's doing!!
Surgery went well, very well, he's doing so much better.
The pain is allmost gone now, unbelievable.
He was having a serious infection, so his still on antbiotics via a drip for a few more day's.
If everything is oke they think he will be home at wednesday.
So we'll hoping for that offcourse!!

Thanks for all you thoughts and prayers.
Have a wonderfull evening and till next post!!!

xoxo jacqueline

vrijdag 5 december 2008


This morning they desided that they are going to operate on Jeremy's knee.
In a few hours they are taking him to the OR.
So this means he's not at home this night and we are not going to celebrate 'Sinterklaas' with the kids tonight as we planned.
I'm happy the kids are still young and don't really know what day it is, so we can give them there gifts later!
Pffff I'm a bit tyred, the kids didn't sleep well tonight and I was up from 4 am untill 7 am.
So this is it for now, going to get the girls dressed so they can visit there daddy when he gets back from the OR.


woensdag 3 december 2008

Bad Luck

With our youngest one being sick a lot ,we have a time full of worries.
I't is allmost making me sick too.
And now bad luck strikes us again.
My love is in the hospital, he had an accident at work and he has a wound by his knee.
They let him go home from the ER and a few hours later he was screaming from all the pain he had.
So back to the ER and they admitted him.
They found several blood clots in his leg.
Now it's waiting till tomorrow morning to find out what they are gonna do.
Jeremy was so tyred of the pain so he's a sleep now, it's allmostmidnight over here and I just can't sleep.
I feel terrible and holding my tears down, if I let them go I'm affraid I can't stop.
Well, that's it for today, going to check up on my girls, the younghest one have some trouble sleeping lately because of being sick all the time and i want to know if she's sleeping now.
Keep you all updated!!

xoxo Jacqueline

maandag 1 december 2008

Christmas project

I wasn't in a Christmas mood jet, but it's comming!!!
Especially when I see all Christmas projects everyone is making!!!
I'm all inspired right now, so I made a Christmas project that was inspired by a wall hanger a sister from SIStv made, Linda Loe.
She has an awesome style that I really love!!
So take a look over at her blog!!!!!

I must say, my Wii is very very very much fun so much fun that I don't even have much time left to scrap.
It's a hard choise for me, play the Wii or go scrapping!!!
Okay so the Wii is new for me now, I'll guess when we have it a little bit longer that I don't play all that much as I do now, so for now I enjoy and get back to scrapping later hehe :):):):)
So I'm gonna join Jeremy in the livingroom again right now to play a game of bowling on our awesome Wii!!!
Yes it's true, I'm still having that little girl in side of me and once in a while she comes out, like now!!!!
Much love to you all, Jacqueline

zaterdag 29 november 2008


I'm all happy and excited!!
We have a Wii!!
Besides scrapbooking I have an other thing I like and that's gaming.
And now finally we have a Wii and I think it's so awesome, I feel like a little girl again hehe :):):)
Jeremy and I had so much fun last night playing.

And finally I have the pictures on my labtop of my little girls Christening.
It was a wonderful day and we had so much fun with family and friends.
I don't have all the photo's jet.
There were so many people taking pictures!!
So here are a few of them!!!!

This weekend is going to be very busy for me. I'm not even feeling all better, but today we are going to my btother and his family with our kids. "Sinterklaas" is comming to bring the girls and there nephwes some presents. Sinterklaas is for us something like Santa is for you.

Tomorrow we are going to visit Jeremy's parents. Alway's fun, the kids love to go there and see there grandparents and there uncle! So I don't think I have the energy or time to scrap this weekend. Well we'll see.

xoxo Jacqueline

woensdag 26 november 2008

How do you feel???

Well I'm feeling terrible!!
I'm having a cold and I mean the worse cold ever!!
Then I feel misserable because my wrist still hurts like crazy (I had a little accident last saturday).
Awesome huh....NOT!!!
Hope you are feeling so much better then I do!!

Today it's my brothers birthday, so that's fun though!
We are going to visit him tonight for an hour or two, my girls are gonna love that, they love to play with ther nephews!!

And then there is tomorrow.
I have an appointment to see the doctor to look at my wrist again.
I hope they can do at least something so the pain is minimal, because now it obvious isn't.
Keep you updated about that!!

Then I'm very busy with planning all kinds of stuff to do on my new forum, Scrappy Times.
There is a challenge allready that you can find over at the Scrappy Times Challende Blog.
Now I can't do all much scrapping with my wrist, I'm surfing the internet to find some stuff I can give away as prizes.
Since I don't have that much money as I wish I have, the prizes are just small and nice and fun, nothing big or fancy!!
It's mostly for fun so come and join us, sign up!!!


maandag 24 november 2008

Scrappy Times!

Some off you know allready that I was thinking for a while now to open a forum of some kind all about scrapbooking.
Well I did!!!!
SCRAPPY TIMES is the name!!
I so exited about it, you can't imagine!!!
Well I knmow there are sooooo many forums and comunity's in this Scrappy world, still I will give it a try to make this work.
Hopefully you will join me so we can have lots of fun.
The inspiration of this kind of forum I found at Never Been Kissed Scrappers.
So it's all new and I started it this today since I can't do that much now I have my wrist brused over the weekend.
I hope you will going to take a look and I'm hoping even more you'll come back some more and make this work.
I am also looking for some 'partners in crime' who can help me out with the Challenges and Tutorials and of course the inspiration for our members!!
If you are interessted you can leave me an email to:
Well hopefully see you all at Scrappy Times

vrijdag 21 november 2008

Christmas Candy / Cookie Bag

Yesterday I made a project from another workshop at Bad Girls.
It was a workshop for making Candy/Cookie Bags.
I had so much fun maing this bag!!
If you didn't take a look already and you love this kind of workshops you have to go and take a look!!

I submitted to a DT Call at YMBD, unfortunatly I didn´t make it to the team.
They choosen four other very talented girls!
Congrats to them!!!!

Well, this is my post for this morning, have to go to work in a few hours.
So I´m going to spend some time with my little girls now!!
See ya!!!


donderdag 20 november 2008

Christmas mittens!!

I have finally finished the first workshop over at Bad Girls.

Last day's I was busy with work since I have some new clients and yesterday I read a wonderful book of a real life story of a girl that was totally under the spell of some so called 'Loverboy's'.
I started and finished the book yesterday without taking a break.

Sooooo now I'm catching up with my scrapworks....yeay!!!!
And first I finished my Christmas mittens!!!!

I'm off now, to get some more scrappie stuff done tonight!!!!


zondag 16 november 2008

Bad Girls

I've just found out about a scrappingsite:
And did I came there at just the right time!!
They have the upcomming day's (until 23 november) all kinds of free classes, a total of 22!!!
Isn't that amazing???


So you now were you can find me the next couple of day's!!!
See you there!!!


zaterdag 15 november 2008

Balloon Fiesta!

A few months ago, we visited the balloon fiesta over here and had a great time.
I took so many pictures and it was about time to scrap a few off them.
Only I didn't really know what I wanted to do with them, until yesterday when I took a look at the Lotus Paperie.
Challenge #98 is up and when I saw the sketch I new that it was perfect for my balloon photo's.
Again this page came together really fast.
The painting job is were I spent the most time at.
And again I'm really happy with the outcome of this page, I must do fast pages more often :):):):)LOL!!!

So, I'm off, have a lot of stuff to do before the Christening tomorrow of my little DD!!
See you after the weekend, hopefully with some gorgeous pic's of my DD at here Christening!!


vrijdag 14 november 2008

Quick page

I wanted to join a challenge at Your Memories By Design.
They have a challenge for november that I really like.
The challenge is to pick scrappingstuff from a menu.
Off each course you have to pick 2 things and use that, and only that on your page (+ a photo offcourse).

These are my choises:

- Course #1: Fibre, Felt fusion
- Course #2: Acrylics, Brads
- Course #3: Staples, Bling
- Course #4: Flowers, Ribbon
- Course #5: Eyelet, Stickers
Such a great way to put a page together, and I was really quick with putting it together.
I finished this page in a little longer than half an hour!!
I have never before completed a page in such short of time.


Never Been Kissed Scrappers

Okay, I've found a new and then I mean reall NEW scrapping kinda community:
"Never Been Kissed Scrappers"
It's a showcase of never before published scrapwork.
They are having a DT call in search of scrappers that never have been on a Design Team before.
I'm visiting the group for a few day's now and it is real fun.
You have your own page which you can personalize how ever you want.
You can add music, photo's and more.
Take a look and if you like it tell them I've send you ;)

Now, I'm off, see if I get some scrapping done now the children are to there grandparents!!!


My first Circle Journal!!

I'm joining a Circle Journal for the very first time!!!
It's a CJ over at the Lotus Paperie and mine is about Movies, your all time favorite!

My all time favorite movie is Dirty Dancing!!!!!!
I so looooooove that movie.
Tonight I´ve made my CJ and I´m pretty happy about it!!
I´ll see this CJ back in about a year......long time huh!
Curious how the others look like!
Well, I will keep you updated along the way, now I´m of to bed it´s almost 3 am over here!!!

Ciao xoxo

donderdag 13 november 2008

Update on Chelsey

Today we went to see the doctor.
She has an ear infection and now she must take antibiotics for a week or so.
Hope this is gonna work, otherwise we have to get back to the doctor.

For now she's sleeping and still didn't woke up and it's after midnight so I'm really happy.
Hopefully she stay's in her own bed this night so I can get a good night sleep too!!

Good night to you all, see you next time, hopefully with some scrapping done!!


dinsdag 11 november 2008

Chelsey's still sick

My Chelsey (2yo) is still sick for over a week now.
I'm a little worried about now.
She's having a fever off and on, one day she's doing better than an other.
Most day's she walks around an looks like a zombie.
The worst thing is that she can talk very good, she just don't want to tell me what's wrong with her.
Past saturday I went to the doctor with her, he told me not to worrie, but it's going on way to long in my opinion!!!

So you can understand there's not much scrapping going on right here!
I just can't focus on anything at all, not even when I'm going trough my scrapping stuff!

So far this post today so you know what's been going on over here!!
Keep you updated.......see you next time!!


zondag 9 november 2008

Made a card today

Last week I wasn't in the mood for scrapping with my children being sick and everything.
Well today when my girls went to bed I made a simple card, just to be a little creative again.

I so love to make a card once in a while.
Especially when I visit Kristina Werner's blog, she's great with cards!

I've just found out it's allready time for making Christmas cards here over in scrapbookland, some of the scrappinggirls are allready busy!!
Past years I've made my christmas cards with paintshop pro.
This year I want to give it a try to scrap some, if I'm not ready on time I can alway's make some on the labtop, right?

Want to scrap some more this evening, so I'm going now.
See you!!!


woensdag 5 november 2008

Crazy day's

Last day's were not that great.
Last friday our little girl was celebrating her first birthday!
That was amazing though and we had a great with family.

My brother came over too with his wife and kids.
The oldest (1,5yo) had a cold just like his little brother of 1,5 month and my oldest daughter.
Nothing really bad we thought.

In the middle of the night my 2yo was burning up with a fever and was feeling really bad.
Saturday during the day she was feeling better bit by bit.
On sunday she still was having a cold but the fever was gone.

Then we had a call of my brother, his youngest one was admitted to the hospital.
The dokter thought he had a pneumonia.
Yesterday they took some longphoto's and all kinds of test.
No pneumonia but it turned out to be that he's suffering from the RS-virus.
So today he came home, he's still very ill, but he must get over it on his own, without medication.
The most important is that he drinks his milk enough and than he will be allright.

And than after a great sunday, also in the middle of the night my younghest one was having a fever.
She was sick all day yesterday, she didn't drink much an was a sleep most of the time.
Today the fever was allmost gone an she was feeling a little better.
She didn't ate much, but hey, the drinking part was not a problem.

So after this crazy days of all the little ones being sick and all, I'm glad the worse part is over!!!!

woensdag 29 oktober 2008

It's almost....


We don't really do much about Halloween here in the Netherlands, but to me it's special because it's my little babygirl her birthday!!!
This year it's her first birthday, so extra extra special :):):)
We celebrate this day on friday with a small group of family.

16 november is it Brooklynn's christening so then we celebrate both her birthday and christening for a larger group of friends and family.

The invitations for that day I've made myself and this is the result!!
I can't believe my little baby isn't really a little baby anymore *sigh*.
She walks allready and talks a lot (in her own language offcourse, LOL), it's all going way to fast.

Love Jacqueline

dinsdag 28 oktober 2008


Today the mail brought me some new stuff!!!

Scrappy stuff!!!

I finally orderd a crop 'o dile and it came in today along with some other stuff!!
I'm so happy with all of it, especially with the rub-ons.
I never used them and it's about time, so now I can.

And today was the day to go and get my new tattoo, and I did!!!
I'm so proud of it.
The tattoo artist used my own design, so that makes it extra special to me.
It's a tattoo bracelet with my the name of my younghest daughter in it!.

So today was a fun day to me, how was your day??

zondag 26 oktober 2008

Look a Like

This weekend I've worked on a layout with some pictures of my little girls.
They are so different from each other.
But still sometimes you can see that they look a like.

Especially on a few pictures you can see some similarity.
I think that you can see this on the pictures on this page.
They are about the same age on the pictures as well.

Well, see for your self!!! TFL.....xoxo

FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!!!

Last friday was awesome!!!!

We spent the day in a themepark here in the Netherlands, called "De Efteling".
It was a rainy day, but never the less we had a blast!!!

Our little girls loved it too.
It was Brooklynn's first time ever in de Efteling and she wasn't reallt that impressed.
Chelsey on the other hand totally loved it, she loved it the first time she was there and now even loved it more.

I've made about 240 pictures!!!!! :):):):)
So I have a lot of scrapping a head of me.........and I really son't mind ;) :):):):):)
Well here are some of the pictures, TFL and see you soon!!!!!!

woensdag 22 oktober 2008


Hi you all!!
Today was my first workingday!!
Well workingday, I worked for 2,5 hours.
But i don't think it's that bad to start one bit at the time, since I'm still recovering from a PPD.
It's going great this last couple of weeks, so don't want to rush anything.
And working a few hours a day is just enough for now.

A few day's a go I've scrapped a canvas for my mom.
She asked me to make one for her birthday.
She was very happy with the result, just like me hehe, I so wanted to keep it myself!!

I don't have much to tell you today so I'm off now, hopefully get some scrapping done!!!

Thanks for looking and see you later!!!

zaterdag 18 oktober 2008

Shopping, work, tattoos!!

Last weeks I've did a lot of shopping!!!
First for our kids and last couple of day's I did some shopping for me!!!!
It was about time too......I was desperate in need for some new clothes for this autumn/winter season.
So now I have some and I think they are pretty awesome!
Don't have pictures jet, maybe next post!! :):):):):)

The most excited news I've got this week was about a job!!
They hired me!!!!
So next week I'm going to start working for the first time in ages, for about 15 hours a week!!
I'm going to help older people that still lives in there own house to clean and do the things they can't do that well anymore.
Thursday is going to be my first day, can't waith.

Than let's talk about tattoos.....
Not everyone like them, well I do.
Not that many people even know's that I have four tattoos and the fifth is soon to come.
I really love my tattoos and never will regret them, but I keep them to myself, they are mine and it's my thing.
It also happend before someone that first didn't know about my tattoos treatet me differently after she found out.

Well now I'm about to get my fifth tattoo, the name of my youngest daughter is the one thing I want to have tattood.
But it's the first I'm going to design myself, with a little help of the tattoo artist.
I'm all excited about it and can't waith till it's finished!

I'm off now, have a lot to do today!!
See you later!!

XOXOXO Jacqueline

zondag 12 oktober 2008


Was a fun day for me.
I did a lot off shopping voor "Sinterklaas".
We are spoiling our little girls a bit to much this year I think.
Anyway, I love the gifts they are getting and hope that they like it too!!
Aaaaaaand.......I bought my self some new shoe's!!!!!
I just love to go shoe shopping and alway's happy when I find a pair that I love!

And this evening I made a page for such a fun challenge on SIStv!
The challenge was to fill in the blancs of this sentence: _______Next Top________
My title is : Hollands Next Top Clown!!!
The moment I saw the challenge I just knew wich photo's I was going to use!
And I'm real happy about the way my page turned out.

Yesterday I've made a page too, It's random weekend at SIStv full of fun challenge's.
The challenge for the page I've made yesterday was to make a layout that documents that random Friday in October.
We had to use some stuff we collect during the day.
My day was al about doing soem shopping, going to the bank and come home to a wonderful vieuw.
The sun was going down and all the beautiful colors were amazing to watch.
I took some pictures and used them in my layout for the challenge.
I didn't had that much time so it didn't come out like I had in mind, but can change it later!

donderdag 9 oktober 2008

Feeling much better.....!!!

Hi everyone!!!
Today I'm feeling so much better.
Can't say I'm all better, but it's comming.
Today I had a little help of my mom cleaning the house and so.
It would be totally sweet that she do that, if she's helping just to helping me.
Instead she alway's wants someting in return I can't give.
It's kinda hard to explain and it's even harder to understand, even for me.
The most difficult relation in my life, is the one I have with my parents, especially the one with my mom.

I've tryed so hard to make it work and sometimes it do work.
To bad it never last long and that makes me very sad.
There's nothing I want more in life than having a healthy relationship with my parents, but it just isn't meant to be i guess.

Well enough about this, because I can go on and on with story's about my parents and me, but I just don't want to go there.
It hurts me to much.
So let's talk about some fun stuff.

Yesterday evening I just couldn't fall a sleep.
So I went over to check in at SIStv.
I had so much fun talking to some of the SISters!!
And it showed me how much I'm addicted to SIStv I guess.
I mean, I was laying sick in my bed with my labtop, chatting at SIStv.....helloooo!
Is there a rehab program for this???
Not that I'm ever going to follow such a program......I love it to much.
So much inspiration and great artists!!

Well, hoping some people find me a bit of an artist too.
Trying to get in the DT of Lotus Paperie.
We will find out soon enough, you'll never know!!
Trying to make a design team is so much fun to me.
Alway's a challenge to improve myself.
Hope that one day I can proudly say I'm a DT member :):)LOL:):):):)!!

dinsdag 7 oktober 2008

Round Robin

Last Sunday I joined a Round Robin at SIStv.
Before sunday I've never joined a round robin before, so you can imagine how much fun it was to play for me.
And I so love the outcome of my layout!!

Well I'm keeping this post short today, because I'm not feeling well.
Spend most off the time in bed today.
Hoping I'm feeling much better in the morning.

Bye you all, see ya next time.

maandag 6 oktober 2008

A Taggy day!!

This morning I finaly found some time to blog.
And there it is, a post from Sandra and it say's I've been tagged!!!
So I went ovet to her blog, Certified Paper Freak, and found out about this tagging game.
So much fun, she wrote down 7 things just about her, great way to get to know each other don't you think!!!

Well since I've been tagged I'm about to do the same thing.
So enjoy my 7 things that make's me, me!!
And over here you can find the tag and the one's I've tagged!!!

1. I love to play football (soccer).

2. Spaghetti is my favorite food.

3. I'm addicted to SIStv.

4. I love to dance and sing with my little girls, alltough I'm a bad dancer and singer!!

5. Cat's hate me.

6. I haven't seen my naturel haircolor for 13 years.

7. I´m totally in love with my family and that will never change!
And you are tagged by me:

donderdag 25 september 2008

"The T-Master, Just Hangin"

That's the title of the layout I made for a Fashionista Challenge at SIStv.
The challenge was to make a layout based on a sketch and it happen to be that I like sketches very very much!!!!!
So this challenge was fun to me.

F-girl Gretchen is the hostess for this challenge and this is de sketch she made.

So yesterday's evening I dat down and started playing with the sketch.
I used a picture of my nephew Thijs.
He's sitting on the bed of his parents, drinking and watching his favorite dvd 'Sprookjesboom'.
That's a cartoon of a tree that tells story's about the caracters you can find at theme park 'De Efteling'.
I love this picture of him, he's so relaxed sitting there while everyone around him is looking at his new born baby brother!

maandag 22 september 2008

Our newest family member!

Today our new family member moved in!!!
We are all so excited and happy about it.
His name is Clifford and he's crazy about the girls and he just met them!
The girls are in love too allready!
So here is a picture of our Clifford and the girls!
Don't you just love that cute little doggie??