donderdag 30 april 2009

So shocked!!!

Today it's a national holliday for us over here in Holland.
On april 30th we celebrate Queensday, the birthday of our queen.
It's alway's a fun day and our queen and her family is visiting a town every year.
This year the day ended to soon.
Someone drove his car into the crowed that was watching the queen and wanted to hit the bus where the royal family was in.
He killed 4 people and there are 13 others injured.
Jeremy and me were looking to the festivity's on tv and saw it all live.
It was such a schocking thing to see, I just can't explain!!
I'm still shocked.

dinsdag 28 april 2009

Let me introduce to you....

.....Zaza and Zoe, our two new family members!!
I really thought we had to waith for a few more weeks to bring them home to us, well bring one bunny home, but today I've heard we didn't had to waith anymore.
So we went to get our bunny and we came home with two bunny's!!
I just fell in love with these two sisters and we took them both home with us!!
They are sooooooo sweet!!!!!

maandag 27 april 2009

A day at the campingsite

My parents, aunt and uncle spend most of there time during spring and summer on a campingsite.
My girls looooove to go and visit them and so when there daddy is having a soccer game and the weather is fine we go!!
Last saturday we were there to and it was nice to see them play!!
Chelsey was feeling better from having chicken-pox and was full of energy again and wanted to go to the campingsite lake.
Brooklynn loved playing in the sand and she loooooooooooved the slide!!
Our little dog Clifford joined us too, it was his first time at the campingsite and he had a wonderful time also!!

Jeremy called me a few minutes ago, his arm is in a cast (do you call it like this??)
He broke his thumb at work!!!
Can you believe this, everytime one of us is better another one turns sick or is hurting something!!!!

Well I have some other news too, we are going to expand our family!!!
With in a few weeks a new addition to family will arrive......a beautiful bunny is comming to live with us!!!!!
I can't waith untill the little one is big enough to come and live with us!!!
As soon as I have a decent photo i will offcourse show it to you all!!!!

So, this is it for today, I'm about to visit my cousin in a bit!!!!


dinsdag 21 april 2009

This LO is also a LO for one of the challenges that were on last weekend at the Scrappy Times crop.
I still have to finish up a few more, just haven't had enough time!!!

I'm also trying to learn more about art journaling.
I have found some interesting vid's on about art journaling.
These video's are so inspirational, I'm totally amazed about it!!
I'm thinking of following some workshops, but I'll have to waith with that untill my budget allow's it LOL:):):)
Untill than I will find some inspiration trough the vid's and blogs!!!

I think my Chelsey-Anne (my 3yo) has got chicken-pox!!
It sure looks like the beginning of it, so we'll have to waith and see what happens.
She isn't feeling sick or anything and I'm hoping it will stay like that!
Will keep you updated about it offcourse LOL :):):)

Well my friends, I'll go now and try to relax a bit, enjoy the sun a bit with my girls on the balcony.
Have a great day and wonderful evening!!!

Love to you all!!

maandag 20 april 2009

Finished Crop projects!!

I had soooooo much fun during the crop over at Scrappy Times.
It was a wonderful weekend and we're goign to do this again for sure soon!!

I'm still working on some other challenges so there will be more to see soon!!
These are some projects I've made this weekend.
A mini album made of CD's, an altered can and funky coasters!!!

I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to the ladies of our DT and our former guest designers who also did some games and challenges!!
And offcourse thank you to all members that joined us and made the weekend so amazing!!!
It was lovely scrapping and chatting with you, I had a wonderful time!!!!

zondag 19 april 2009

Second day of cropping!!

Today is the second day of the After Easter Cybercrop at Scrappy Times!!
Yesterday we had a lot of fun with the games, challenges and chatting.
Our talented DT and former guest Designers came up with some awesome challenges and our wonderful members allready made some amazing LO's!!

Today there will be some more games and challenges to do, so if you missed out on yesterday's fun stop by today!!!
You can upload your projects for the crop untill tomorrow midnight CST, so you can catch up with the rest of us!

See you at Scrappy Times


zaterdag 18 april 2009

Scrappy Times Crop!!

I'm so happy it's saturday!!!
The first challenge, game and tutorial for the cybercrop are up and running at the Scrappy Times forum as we speak!!!

Do you want to know what this LO has got to do with the crop???
Click it over here and you will know

vrijdag 17 april 2009

It was my nephew's birthday yesterday and it's allmost time to crop!!!!

Yesterday we had a fun day, it was my nephew's 2nd birthday!!!
My borther and his wife made it a wondeful day for Thijs.
He had so much fun playing with my little girls and his other cousins!!
We all enjoyed the day, just by watching them having so much fun!!

Well just watch the photo's to see for your self :):):):)

And for you who love to scrap......this weekend it's finally cybercrop time at the Scrappy Times forum
Two day's of challenges, games and a workshop!!!
For the schedule and more info jump over to the forum!!!


donderdag 16 april 2009

Having my photo's organized

I make soooooo many pictures, I can hardly believe it!!
Last couple of day's I finally got them organized on my labtop!!
It took me a lot of hours, but now I can find them a lot easier when I want to scrap them!!

Here are some cute pic;s of the girls I came across last day's, I didn't even remember that I have them!!!!

The first two pic's are some older one's of Chelsey and the last two are pic's from Brooklynn

zaterdag 11 april 2009

Miss Hippy Chick and a new tutorial!!

There's a new sketch up at Miss Hippy Chick, I loved working with this one and this is what I've done with the sketch!!!
I've used a pic of Brooklynn eating soup.
It was such a mess when she was finished, we had so much fun just by watching her!!

And for a new tutorial jump over to the Scrappy Times blog.
I've just uploaded a new, super simple one about hand stitching.

Enjoy your day and have a wonderfull Easter weekend!!!!

And don't forget, next week we'll have an After Easter online crop at Scrappy Times!!!


dinsdag 7 april 2009

Children's farm

Last sunday the weather was wonderfull over here and the girls and I went to the children's farm!!
They had a blast, they both love animals and especially the little goats and bunny's.
I took al lot of pictures so I have some scrapping to do!!!

I haven't done some scrapbooking last week and know I think it's time to sit down and take some time to scrap again.
So tonight when the kids are to bed I hope I'll get some scrapping done, Jeremy isn't home so I have all time to myself!!!
Can't waith!!!!!


vrijdag 3 april 2009

After Easter Cybercrop

Join the Scrappy Times Forum for more info!!!

woensdag 1 april 2009

A new challenge @ Scrappy Times

Hi there!!!

I'm happy to tell you that Brooklynn is doing soooooooo much better!!!!
She's still having a bad cough, but that's it!!!
It's so good to see her all happy again, playing, smiling, just great!!!

And can you believe it's april allready, finally spring is here after a long cold winter!!!!
And with the new month there's a new challenge to be found at the Scrappy Times Blog!!!
This time it's all about color, so go check it out!!!

This is what I've made for the challenge!!!