maandag 16 november 2009

Such a fun weekend!!!

This weekend was great!!!
My father was celebrating his 60th birthday, at Scrappy Times we had our Birthday Crop, so lot's of scrapping and fun times with family and friends!!
What do a person wants more??

I took a lot of photo's of my fathers birthday party, finally I have some picture's of my younghest cousin and my aunt who lived in England for a long time and recently moved back to the Netherlands.

This is my younghest cousin with her fiance:

This is my aunt and uncle who used to live in England

Jeremy and Chelsey goofing around, as usual!!

Brooklynn feeling a bit shy when more people come in

This Bo, Chelsey's best friend

On the left is my brothers father in law and on the right is mine.
Behind them in the white shirt without head is my father!
Who is by the way only to be seen in this pic!!!

This are my aunt and uncle I love to pieces!!

An than for the scrappy part of this weekend;

This is a pincushion I've made for a little tutorial I posted for the ST Birthday crop

This is the LO I've made with my altered chipboard.

The birthday card I've made for LeAnne's challenge

And this is a Bingorcard wallhanging I've made for Michelle's challenge

Today I'll try to finish up some other LO's.
hopefully I'll find the time to do so!!!


zondag 15 november 2009

Second Crop day!!

Today is our second day of our Scrappy Times Online Birthday Crop Contest.
Today there also will be some of the DT members around to have a little chat with you!
There are a few new challenges for you to make and there is more to come.
You can still join in all the fun, LO's are due by Monday evening, midnight CST.

These are my LO's for the challenges I've came up with for the crop.

This is my LO for my "3 Rule's Challenge"

And this one is for my "For the Love of Paint Challenge".

Hope to see you at Scrappy Times, it's going to be a fun evening!!

zaterdag 14 november 2009

It's time to CROP!!!!!

This weekend we are celebrating Scrappy Times it's first birthday!!!
We are having an Online Birthday Crop Challenge!!
You can earn points for every challenge you make and at the end of the weekend the three members with most points will winn a RAK and a title!!

3th place: Scrapbook Queen
2nd place: Crop Queen
1st place: Supreme Queen

Our first challenges and games are allready up and running, so come over and hvae a lot of fun playing!!!!

maandag 9 november 2009


Probably I'm the last one who started reading the Twilight Saga.
That I didn't untill last week was because I was to stubborn before.
I was like "Everybody is reading it, so that's why I'm not".
But than a friend gave me her books for me to read because I wasn't feeling well last week and now I'm hooked and feel like a fool that I didn't read them right a way.
I read the three books within 5 day's, just couldn't put them down.
I read the books in Dutch and I just can't waith for the Dutch version of Breaking Dawn that will be here in April.
So I decided to buy the whole saga in English, well ask them for Sinterklaas (st Nicholas) so I don't have to think of something to ask Jeremy's parents, since they alway's buy us presents too and i never knwo what to ask!

After reading the books, I can't waith to go to the movies also.
It is just about two weeks from now that they are having a New Moon evening in the cinema, it will be perfect because before they start with New Moon you can watch Twilight also.
And I have never seen the movie either, so I can't waith!!

O and I also read the partial draft if Midnight Sun that Stephenie Meyer has on her website.
It's amazing to read Twilight trough Edward's eye's, it's to bad it's only a partial draft and it probably never become a book.

zondag 1 november 2009

Mini Challenge and more!!!

Hi all, can you believe it's november allready???
Well it's going to be a fun scrappy month over at Scrappy Times!!
This month we will have a 'Book Of Me' challenge every sunday starting today.
The challenge will be just for the fun of scrapping and we will share some technique's with you also!
Fisrt BOM challenge will be up and running tonight!!!!

November 14th and 15th we are celebrating our first birthday at Srappy Times with a wonderful "Online Birthday Crop Contest".
After the weekend we will crown three winning contestants with a title!!

3th place: Scrapbook Queen
2nd place: Crop Queen
1st place: Supreme Queen

The three winners will also receive a RAK, donated by Urban Scrappers!!!
It's all about making a mini with a cardboard cover, distressing, stitching and black & white pic's!!!
So come join is and play along with me!!!

zondag 25 oktober 2009

My newest LO's

I just realized that I never shared my newest layouts with you guy's!!!
Last week I've made five new one's, but I can only show you three of them.
The two LO's I can't show you yet are for one of the challenges we have during the Scrappy Times Online Birthday Crop!!

I posted my "Best Thing" LO before but not with a very great pic, so I've made a better one today!!

"Net als een echt Model (Just like a real Model)"
This is a LO I've made for my submission for the Let's Capture These Sketches DT call.
The journaling is in Dutch and it say's:
"You enjoy posing for the camera. You alway's say that you want to pose like a real model..... a TopModel!!"

"Voetbal vind ik leuk (I like Soccer)"
This Lo I've made with the same sketch as I used for the "Just Like a real Model" LO.
This journaling is also in Dutch and it say's:
"Together with my dad and granddad watch a soccer game is fun. Eating chips and drinking AA on the sideline's of the soccerfield"

I can't waith to show you the other two!!!


zaterdag 24 oktober 2009

Last thursday was FUN!!!!!!

My brother and I don't spend as much time together as I would like to.
And especially for our kids it isn't fun, because they love to play with each other.
But last Thursdsay when he was free from work we took our kids to an inside playground.
The kids had a blast together, they couldn't stop laughing untill they got tired!!

My brothers younghest son is my godson and it was so much fun finally have so much time with him and my other nephew!!!

This is a are pic's of my godson, Timo!!
It's such a cutie!!!
He had so much fun with all those colorfull balls!!!

It was a hard job taking a photo of my nephew Thijs.
He don't like to pose for the camera, he don't like camera's at all.
But thankfully I was able to take some picture's of him!!!

And the girls were so happy too.
It was great to see them this happy!!!!

And offcourse mommy and uncle Ronald had a great time playing with the kids too!!! :):):)

zondag 18 oktober 2009

Scrapping the Music

This evening I was hopping from blog to blog to see what's happening in blogland.
As I was hopping I came across the challenge blog Scrapping The Music!
I really like that blog, but to be honest never found the time to enter a LO for one of there challenges on time.
So today I finally made a LO and I'm still on time to submit, I'm still a bit late, but on time!!!

This week the song is "You are the best thing".
I heard it tonight for the very first time and well, I like it a lot!!!

This is how my LO for this challenge turnd out!!
The journaling is in Dutch, it say's:
'To be your mom is the best thing. You give me so much love, never new that it was possible.'

The pic is not all that great because of the bad light, will make a new pic in the morning when there's is sunlight again!

woensdag 14 oktober 2009

Look what I've got!!!

Jeremy came home early today and brought me a present!!!
I was alway's complaining about my printer and that it wasn;t working like it should be so he bought me a new one!!!
It's a Canon Pixma MP620 and I looooooooooove this one.
I printed out a few photo's and they look amazing!!!!
So I'm a very happy lady right now!!

zondag 11 oktober 2009

Sneak Peek!!!

October 25th I will be hosting my first challenge as a DT member at Urban Scrappers!!
So this weekend when the girls were a sleep in my bed, I did a bit of scrapping.
My scrap desk is in my bedroom, so when i was scrapping I kept an eye on the girls. (Untill yesterday I never was happy with my desk in the bedroom).
And so I made my project for Urban Scrappers yesterday.
I'm pretty happy with the result, but because I can't show you everything yet here's a little sneak peek!!

Today Chelsey is doing much better, Brooklynn still got a high fever and not feeling well at all.
It isn't getting worse so that's positive.
Tonight they are sleeping in there own bed again and hopefully I will get a good night sleep too!!

zaterdag 10 oktober 2009

My girls are sick!!

No they are not just sleeping, they are sick :(:(:(:(
They are both having a very high fever, Brooklynn(the younghest) even more than her big sis.
Early this evening we took her to the doctor because her fever was rising very fast and you can tell she was in pain.
It turne out she is having an infection in her lungs and the doctor gave us antibiotics!
The next 24 to 48 hours we have to keep a close eye to her, because the infection can turn into a pneumonia.

Chelsey is having a real bad cold and a fever, but thankfully not as bad as Brooklynn.
But we have to keep an eye on her also, because it can get worse too

So now they are sleeping in my bed, so I can keep an eye on them and Jeremy is sleeping in one of the girls bed.
It's past midnight right now and I just can't sleep.
I'm just to worried!!!

Hope you all have a better night than I am!

donderdag 8 oktober 2009

Look at my little girls!!

I´m am so proud to be there mom!!!
Before I became a mom I alway´s was dreaming about how it would be.
Well I never could have dreamed it would be like this, never knew you could feel so much love.
And feel so loved!!!

After Chelsey having a meningites and the luck she had that it was caused by a virus, I feel even more blessed with my two little girls!!

This photo was made last Sunday, we had such a nice day and the girls were so sweet.
And finally I was able to make a pretty photo of the two off them together.
Most times tehre´s alway´s one of them goofing around when I´m trying to make pics of them together!
Well they are alway´s goofing around when I´m taking pictures!!

dinsdag 6 oktober 2009

Forgot to post my LO!!!!

I told you about our Halloween/Fall challenge at Scrappy Times in my last post, but didn't uploaded my LO!!!
It's my very first halloween LO, so offcourse I want to show it to you all because I really want your honest opinion about it!!!
So here it is!!!! What do you think????
It's about the birth of my younghest daughter, she is born at Halloween!!

Don't forget we have a sketch challenge up and running too untill the end of the month!!!

For some Back to School inspo you can take a look over at Urban Scrappers.
Maybe you've allready scrapped those back to school pics, we would like to see them!!!
We have a lot of other stuff going on, so stop by and join in the fun!!

Now I'm signing off, back to my dd who's a bit sick again!!!

zondag 4 oktober 2009

Halloween/Fall Challenge

We have a new challenge up and running over at Srappy Times!!!!
This time we have a Halloween/Fall themed challenge for you!
There are three RAK's to win with this challenge, so come over and have some scrapping fun with us!

The RAK's are donated by The Mustard Seed!!

And it's allmost time to party!!!!
In november Scrappy Times is celebrating it's first birthday!!!
I can't believe it's allmost a year that we started.

To celebrate our birthday we are organising an online crop contest.
Keep an eye on the forum for some new info about this upcomming event!

vrijdag 2 oktober 2009

Toot!!!!!!! And a new challenge at ST!!

Today I found out they picked me to become one of the Urban Scrappers Design Team members!!
I'm soooooooooooo excited about this!!! WOOHOO!!
I'm part of a wonderful DT with amazing scrappers!!!

So if you can find the time come and see me over at Urban Scrappers!!

It's October and so it's time for a new challenge over at Scrappy Times.
This time LeAnne chose one of my sketches to use for this challenge.
I'm sooooo honored!

If you want to play with us visit our forum or jump over to the Scrappy Times blog and see what sketch is up.
On our blog you can also find what our fab Designers did with the sketch!
Have fun!!!

vrijdag 25 september 2009

Hospital album finished!

I was working on an album for Chelsey, from when she was in the hospital.
For me making this album was finishing up this horrible chapter of our life's.
We were so lucky that the meningites was a viral meningites and Chelsey was out of the hospital after three day's, it still had a huge impact to our life's.

The journaling I did is all in Dutch, you can find the short version in English over here!