zondag 21 februari 2010

A Single Mom!!

Hi everyone,

Remember me????
It's been a while since my last post.
Gone trough a lot also since my last post.
Your reading a single mom's post right now, yes Jeremy and I broke up a few months ago.
The beginning was hard, real hard, but the girls and I are finally used to being with just the three of us.
And when they are happy, I'm happy too.

And if the break up wasn't enough, my mom got sick.
She was diagnosed with breastcancer.
A few week's ago she had her surgery, a week later the doctors told her a mistake was made.
The breasttissue that they removed from her breast was examined by a pathologist, but he didn't found a tumor in it.
There are three options:
1. they give her a wrong diagnose
2. they didn't take out the tumor
3. the pathalogist wasn't paying much attention when he examined the breasttissue they removed during surgery where the tumor must be in.

Monday my mom has a new appointment with the surgeon and then we will know what happend.

During all this I needed a break from scrapping.
I just could'nt find the energy to do anything scrapbook related.
Didn't blog, not even had energy left to visit my Scrappy Times forum.
But I'm slowely making my come back to the scrapbookers world, because after all that's the place I love soooo much!!!

HUGS Jacqueline