maandag 28 juli 2008

Last day's were...

...not that great.
My father in law had a stroke last saturday.
After that his heart stopped, lucky enough they brought him back.
They said he had a lot of luck surviving this!

This afternoon we went to visit and the doctors were positive and if he's feeling allright he can go home tomorrow or the day after tomorrow!

So now it's time to relax!!!

dinsdag 22 juli 2008


.....the kids and me are going to enjoy the good weather for a couple of day's, with my parents on the campingsite their on!
Jeremy has to work, so he don't come with us :(
Hopefully he can get a day of on friday so he can come and join us!!

Tonight I start packing (BLEH!) and it isn't me if I don't pack some scrapping stuff too.
I'n now very buisy printing photo's of my little girls and start on an album I'm planning to make for them, I figure I have enough time this couple of day's to make a start!
At least I hope :):) my 2 year old love's to swim, so I think I don't have to much time to spend scrapping.
Maybe the nights when the kids are in bed, we'll see.

Enjoy the rest of the week, see you all soon!!

maandag 21 juli 2008

Look what came in today!!!

Last week I won a price for a slogan contest on
That's a site that gifs info about the Hotfixers among us!
As a price I could shop for € 50,-....and offcourse I did (I just LOVE hotfix).
So today my price came in, yeay!!!!!

Today I was having a very crafty morning with my 2 year old!
She really wanted to paint and I totaaly agreed with her.
So we wnet to the kitchen and I took her paint out and a the paper, so she could paint.
She loved it as usual!!!
And again I'm forgot to take pictures of her creating her art!!!
Next time she wants to paint and being creative (and probably that's very soon from now, she love's it!!!) I promis u I'll make some great pictures!!

Well, I'm off to bed now....if I can get myself out of my chair, can't stop scrapping :):):):)
You all have a goodnight sleep en see ya next time!!!

donderdag 17 juli 2008

"Gutter Girlz Prompt #3"

Hi there,

Today I finished my LO for the Gutter Girlz Prompt #3.
The Prompt: When We Fight
The Song: Come to Bed by Gretchen Wilson
The Product/Technique: Ripped.

I used a picture of my mom.
In the past we fight a lot and then I mean A LOT!!!!
But in the last few years ans especially past year we connecting more and more.
So happy about that and perfect for this prompt (okay I don't ask my mom to come to bed:):):) LOL)!!

I also turned in my first week LO for "Project Catwalk" on SIStv.
I can't show you jet, but you'll see it as soon as I'm aloud to show you!
Can't waith to see what the other SISters made for this challenge, it's so exciting!!

Well, I'm of to bed now!!!
See you soon!!


woensdag 16 juli 2008

A perfect day!!

I had a perfect day today!!!!

It started by opening my mail and I found out that I've won a slogan contest.
The price I won was to shop in there webshop for hotfix products (I just love that stuff) and I can spend € 50.

At the end of the morning my mom and a girlfriend came to pic me up to go to the bridelshop, because I'm getting married next summer.

My dress arrived and I wanted to try it on offcourse!!! :):):):):):)

(We planned our weddingday this summer, but it didn't go that well with my health so we had to prospone it to next summer! That's the reason why my dress came in this early.)

But ooooooooooo my I love my dress......I really wanted to take the dress home and wear it all day and night :):):):):)
We also went to a hobby shop (offcourse....LOL :):) )
I bought an album there to keep up a scrapped journal of al the weddingplans we are going to make.
I really don't wanna forget one single thing!!!!

I'm so happy today!!!!!!!

dinsdag 15 juli 2008

Not so Scrappie!

Today I did'nt feel very scrappie!!!
Took al lot of pictures though, off course I took them of my favorite lovely little girls!!
So when I finally can find time to start on there albums I have pictures enough!!
My 2 year old love to pose and have a realy fake smile sometimes, it's just so awesome.
The youngest one, she's 8 months, is always smiling and love the camera too.

Today my boyfriend and I have a good talk.
We wanted to get married this year in august, but after a difficult period in my (our) lifes we had to postponed it.
Now when everything is going much beter with me and my health we finally can start planning again.
We still want to get married in the summer so we're gonna get married next summer.
I'm so excieted about it.
I already picked a dress and orderd that one (because I was going to get married this year :):)LOL), tomorrow I'm going to the bridalstore to try it on!!!

Wel, I'm done blogging for today.
For one or another reason I can't upload my pics of the girls right now, so I'll try again tomorrow to show the awesome pics I took today!!

Have a good nigth sleep, see ya all tomorrow!!

maandag 14 juli 2008


I know, I already blogged today, but I'm so happy with a few cards that I've made.
And I just want them to show to you all!!

All of the cards were made with the Kids, teens and In-Betweens line of Scrappy Cat.
I just love those papers!!
I bought them for an minialbum of my two little girls.
And now what's left I'm using for my cards!!!

Hi there!!!!

Hi there al you Bloggers!!!
Finally I have a Blog that makes me happy!!
I tried to make a Blog for a few times, but never was happy about it.
Hopefully you come around sometime and take a look at my scrapping and lifestory's, I would love it if you leave some comments over here!
Leave a link to your own Blog and I'll stop by to take a look around.

Much love to you all!!!