woensdag 16 juli 2008

A perfect day!!

I had a perfect day today!!!!

It started by opening my mail and I found out that I've won a slogan contest.
The price I won was to shop in there webshop for hotfix products (I just love that stuff) and I can spend € 50.

At the end of the morning my mom and a girlfriend came to pic me up to go to the bridelshop, because I'm getting married next summer.

My dress arrived and I wanted to try it on offcourse!!! :):):):):):)

(We planned our weddingday this summer, but it didn't go that well with my health so we had to prospone it to next summer! That's the reason why my dress came in this early.)

But ooooooooooo my gosh......how I love my dress......I really wanted to take the dress home and wear it all day and night :):):):):)
We also went to a hobby shop (offcourse....LOL :):) )
I bought an album there to keep up a scrapped journal of al the weddingplans we are going to make.
I really don't wanna forget one single thing!!!!

I'm so happy today!!!!!!!

2 reacties:

linda loe zei

oh wat spannend allemaal zeg hoop dat alles goed blijft gaan het komend jaar dat je dan echt ka ntrouwen. Groetjes

~*{ Michelle }*~ zei

Oh how exciting! Good luck with all your weeding plans and enjoy every moment of the planning process as it's part of the fun. Sometimes we wish the time away for a big event to happen and then it all goes by so fast and you feel like you "missed" it somehow! Great idea to keep a journal of all the planning! :)

Michelle (aka Wostynblom)