donderdag 26 maart 2009

My grandfather

The photo on this LO is of my grandfather, my mom's dad.
He passed away when my mom was 14 years old.
I've made this page in the same style as the LO of my grandmother.
I want to do a LO in this style for all my grandparents.

For this LO I've made a sketch first that you can find with all my other sketches at my sketch blog 'My Scrappy Sketches'.


dinsdag 24 maart 2009

Did a LO today!

Brooklynn is still sick, but doing better each day.
There is no blood mixed up with her tears anymore, so that's a relieve!!
She still sleeps a lot, but when she's a wake she want's to play a bit, so that's a good sign!!

I think the virus is bugging Chelsey and me a bit too, we both are having a cold and a sore throat, but thankfully nothing more than that!

Tonight for the first time this week I did some scrapping.
I scrapped a pic of my grandmother, my fathers mom.
I never got to know her, she passed away when my father was only five years old.
My aunt was 6 monyhs old.
We've only have just a few photo's of her and this is the most beautiful one.

zaterdag 21 maart 2009

Another update

Brooklynn's eye's are much better today.
Today we've only had to clean her eye's three times.
There was still a tiny bit of blood, but not as much as past day's, so that's positive!!!
She is having a fever and she's having the flu because of the virus.
So she isn't completly better but we are so glad her eye's are less painfull.
Hopefully she's all better soon, but for now I hope she will sleep trough the night because I can use some good night sleep too!
Past day's were stressfull, I was so freaked out about her eye's and now all I want to do is get some sleep!
So I'm off to bed early tonight!!!

And thank you for keeping Brooklynn in your tought's and the sweet messages I received over here and at the forum, they mean the world to me!!!
Hope you all have a great evening!!!


donderdag 19 maart 2009

Brooklynn's eye's (update)

So this is how my little girls eye's looked this morning, her right eye is the one that's most worse.
Today it was allmost to painfull for her to clean her eye's and give her some drops, so in the afternoon her eye's looked much worse again.
Every time when I clean her eye or when she's crying there is some blood mixed up in her tears, so heartbreaking to see.
She's feeling terrible and she cry's a lot and there is nothing I can do for her.
The only thing I can do is cleaning her eye's and that means I have to hurt her.
Don't like that at all!!
Right now she's finally sleeping and I'm hoping she will untill the morning because she's exhausted!!


woensdag 18 maart 2009

So if yesterday wasn't enough.... it is!!!

My little one is having a really bad eye infection.
She is having it for a couple of day's now, but it's getting worse and worse.
This afternoon there was blood mixed up with tears comming from her eye's and it scared the hey out of me!
The doctor say's that this is probably the beginning of a real bad cold or something like the flu caused by a virus.
For now she gave us some eye drops to eas the pain a bit, because she is having a LOT of pain right now.

I feel misserable, it's so hard to see her in so much pain.
Some moments she just can't open her eye's.
After giving her the eye drops, she is doing better for a couple of hours, thank god!

Well I'm of now, it's time to clean her eye's again and give her the drops and than hopefully she will get some sleep.


dinsdag 17 maart 2009

What a day!!!

This morning was a good one.
All the parents were invited to come and see what the kids do when they are at the pre school playgroup.
It was so fun to see how they all play together and it was nice to meet some of the other mom's and children.
Chelsey loved it too that me and her little sister came to see her at her group!!

Brooklynn had a lot of fun too in her sisters group, she didn't want to leave.
Unfortunatly for her she still have to waith for a year or so to go to the pre-school playgroup.
I don't mind that she still have to waith for a year, time is allready going way to fast!

Well after all that fun I brought the kids to my mom and had to go to work.
After work I picked up the girls and we walked home (my parents live just around the corner from where we live).
We also walked the dog and the girls played a bit.
When it was time to really go inside Chelsey didnt want to listen and just walked away from me!!
And in just a few seconds she was gone and I just couldn't see her anymore, there I stand, with my one year old holding my hand, our dog and a couple of bags.
I just didn't knew what to do, I wanted to ran after her, but than I had to let go of Brooklynn.
The only thing I was feeling was total panic!!
And let me tell you, I was angree too, there was a neighbour just beside me that saw the whole thing and didn't did a thing!!!
After I dropped my bags, picked up Brooklynn I started running in the direction Chelsey was going and thank god I saw her around the corner.
She was crying started running towards me when she saw me.

I'm still felling misserable about it and soooooo happy she's safe a sleep in her bed right now.


vrijdag 13 maart 2009

Bind it All!!

Yesterday there was card making/scrapbooking event.
At first I planned to go together with Chelsey, she love's scrapbooking stuff and there were supposed to be workshops for kids.
Than my mom wanted to come along with me so Brooklynn joined us too.
Brooklynn was sleeping in the stroller for most of the time and Chelsey had the best time ever.
A lot of the ladies that had a booth stand gave her a lot of attention and some even gave her some free stuff.
Well you can imagine how excited she was!!

My mom bought all kinds off stuff for card making for the very first time.
She had never make any card before, she alway's told me that she isn't creative at all!!
Yesterday, after comming home, she started right away with some cards.
I'm so proud of her hehe :):):)
And it's nice to see that we've finally have something in common.

And I bought some stuff als, a few stamps, some ink, some sassafrass..............and the Bind it All!!!!!
I'm soooooo happy Ive finally 'bought one!!!
So tonight I'm going to play a little with my new toy!!


dinsdag 10 maart 2009

A Canvas

Hi there, here I am again, but there's a little difference from last time I've posted...I'm a year older now, celebrated my birthday last Saturday.
It was a great day with my family and friends.
Next year I will be 30!!!

Did some scrapping too, made another canvas!!
I like making those.
Since I'm all into acrylic paint lately, I have used it again on this one.
And I looove my stamp that I've used, going to use it a lot more, if I don't forget that I have it again!!


vrijdag 6 maart 2009

A mini and a LO

A while ago Michelle sent me a RAK with a mini album in it.
The mini was supposed to say 'Thank You', but I thought it was just perfect for some Carnaval pic's.

SIStv launched 'The Agency' this week.
It's a new, awesome resource for the one's that wants to get pubbed!
They also have a contest, 'The SIStv Style Star Search' and it's all about 'spring Green' this time.
This is the LO I've made for this contest, I love the combination of green and pink, bright colors and spring.
The pics of the girls on this page are made last week when we had a terrific spring day.
The sun was shining, it wasn't really cold and the girls had the best mood ever!!!
Spring is in the air!!!

Here's the rest of the mini:

woensdag 4 maart 2009

Vitage Plum

So today I was blog hopping and when I jumped on to Calia's blog I clicked on a link to a new kit club called Vintage Plum.

And let me tell you, I really like the look of the place.
They are also looking for a DT so my thought, why don't give it a try?

dinsdag 3 maart 2009

I'm back!!

So I'm back online again!!!
My whole family, myself included were sick last couple of day's!
The girls needed me, Jeremy needed me and in between of taking care of them I was sleepin and feeling terrible!!

Everyone is feeling a lot better now, Jeremy is back to work, Chelsey is to her pre-school playgroup this afternoon and Brooklynn is taking a nap!
So finally I can update a little over here!!!

Not much to show since I haven't scrapped this past week, but there is a new challenge to be found on the Scrappy Times Blog!!
It's all about a song to inspire you, so go and check it out!!!