dinsdag 17 maart 2009

What a day!!!

This morning was a good one.
All the parents were invited to come and see what the kids do when they are at the pre school playgroup.
It was so fun to see how they all play together and it was nice to meet some of the other mom's and children.
Chelsey loved it too that me and her little sister came to see her at her group!!

Brooklynn had a lot of fun too in her sisters group, she didn't want to leave.
Unfortunatly for her she still have to waith for a year or so to go to the pre-school playgroup.
I don't mind that she still have to waith for a year, time is allready going way to fast!

Well after all that fun I brought the kids to my mom and had to go to work.
After work I picked up the girls and we walked home (my parents live just around the corner from where we live).
We also walked the dog and the girls played a bit.
When it was time to really go inside Chelsey didnt want to listen and just walked away from me!!
And in just a few seconds she was gone and I just couldn't see her anymore, there I stand, with my one year old holding my hand, our dog and a couple of bags.
I just didn't knew what to do, I wanted to ran after her, but than I had to let go of Brooklynn.
The only thing I was feeling was total panic!!
And let me tell you, I was angree too, there was a neighbour just beside me that saw the whole thing and didn't did a thing!!!
After I dropped my bags, picked up Brooklynn I started running in the direction Chelsey was going and thank god I saw her around the corner.
She was crying started running towards me when she saw me.

I'm still felling misserable about it and soooooo happy she's safe a sleep in her bed right now.


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Julie Tucker-Wolek zei

*sigh* I loveeeeeeeeee those HAPPY photos.....but OMYGOSH...I WOULD have TOTALLY freaked too if I would have lost sight of one of my babies!!!!! Glad all is ok now! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

Fink zei

It sure is a scary thing when they do that! I can't believe the neighbor did not help! What a creep!