dinsdag 24 maart 2009

Did a LO today!

Brooklynn is still sick, but doing better each day.
There is no blood mixed up with her tears anymore, so that's a relieve!!
She still sleeps a lot, but when she's a wake she want's to play a bit, so that's a good sign!!

I think the virus is bugging Chelsey and me a bit too, we both are having a cold and a sore throat, but thankfully nothing more than that!

Tonight for the first time this week I did some scrapping.
I scrapped a pic of my grandmother, my fathers mom.
I never got to know her, she passed away when my father was only five years old.
My aunt was 6 monyhs old.
We've only have just a few photo's of her and this is the most beautiful one.

2 reacties:

Fink zei

Love the layout and so glad she is doing better! I hope you and your daughter don't get like she did! Well wishes sent to you!

Anoniem zei

Love the crinkled card, effect, im going to give that a go, been seeing it more & more & it's starting to grow on me, lol.