zondag 18 april 2010

Scrappy Times DT Call

We are soooo excited about this at the Scrappy Times Blog!!!
We are on the search for two new Designers!!!!

If you want to know all about it come visit us!!!!
It's going to be a lot of fun!!!

zondag 4 april 2010

From Forum to Blog

Last month after thinking this trough for a long time, the Scrappy Times Designers and I decided to close down our forum!
We all have so much going on in our live's and the forum was taking to much time for most of us.
We didn't want to say goodbye completly to our members, so we decided to keep our blog for challenges!!

Later today you can find our first Blog only challenge, the forum will still be open for a few more weeks, so all members will know about the switch from forum to blog!

Soon we will start a Designer Hunt, we want to add 2 new Designers to the team.
Keep an eye on the Blog to find out more soon!!!

I want to thank all our members for a wonderfull time at the forum and I hope you will all join us at the blog and play along.
Even if you don't play with us leave us a comment every now and than!

zondag 21 februari 2010

A Single Mom!!

Hi everyone,

Remember me????
It's been a while since my last post.
Gone trough a lot also since my last post.
Your reading a single mom's post right now, yes Jeremy and I broke up a few months ago.
The beginning was hard, real hard, but the girls and I are finally used to being with just the three of us.
And when they are happy, I'm happy too.

And if the break up wasn't enough, my mom got sick.
She was diagnosed with breastcancer.
A few week's ago she had her surgery, a week later the doctors told her a mistake was made.
The breasttissue that they removed from her breast was examined by a pathologist, but he didn't found a tumor in it.
There are three options:
1. they give her a wrong diagnose
2. they didn't take out the tumor
3. the pathalogist wasn't paying much attention when he examined the breasttissue they removed during surgery where the tumor must be in.

Monday my mom has a new appointment with the surgeon and then we will know what happend.

During all this I needed a break from scrapping.
I just could'nt find the energy to do anything scrapbook related.
Didn't blog, not even had energy left to visit my Scrappy Times forum.
But I'm slowely making my come back to the scrapbookers world, because after all that's the place I love soooo much!!!

HUGS Jacqueline

maandag 16 november 2009

Such a fun weekend!!!

This weekend was great!!!
My father was celebrating his 60th birthday, at Scrappy Times we had our Birthday Crop, so lot's of scrapping and fun times with family and friends!!
What do a person wants more??

I took a lot of photo's of my fathers birthday party, finally I have some picture's of my younghest cousin and my aunt who lived in England for a long time and recently moved back to the Netherlands.

This is my younghest cousin with her fiance:

This is my aunt and uncle who used to live in England

Jeremy and Chelsey goofing around, as usual!!

Brooklynn feeling a bit shy when more people come in

This Bo, Chelsey's best friend

On the left is my brothers father in law and on the right is mine.
Behind them in the white shirt without head is my father!
Who is by the way only to be seen in this pic!!!

This are my aunt and uncle I love to pieces!!

An than for the scrappy part of this weekend;

This is a pincushion I've made for a little tutorial I posted for the ST Birthday crop

This is the LO I've made with my altered chipboard.

The birthday card I've made for LeAnne's challenge

And this is a Bingorcard wallhanging I've made for Michelle's challenge

Today I'll try to finish up some other LO's.
hopefully I'll find the time to do so!!!


zondag 15 november 2009

Second Crop day!!

Today is our second day of our Scrappy Times Online Birthday Crop Contest.
Today there also will be some of the DT members around to have a little chat with you!
There are a few new challenges for you to make and there is more to come.
You can still join in all the fun, LO's are due by Monday evening, midnight CST.

These are my LO's for the challenges I've came up with for the crop.

This is my LO for my "3 Rule's Challenge"

And this one is for my "For the Love of Paint Challenge".

Hope to see you at Scrappy Times, it's going to be a fun evening!!

zaterdag 14 november 2009

It's time to CROP!!!!!

This weekend we are celebrating Scrappy Times it's first birthday!!!
We are having an Online Birthday Crop Challenge!!
You can earn points for every challenge you make and at the end of the weekend the three members with most points will winn a RAK and a title!!

3th place: Scrapbook Queen
2nd place: Crop Queen
1st place: Supreme Queen

Our first challenges and games are allready up and running, so come over and hvae a lot of fun playing!!!!

maandag 9 november 2009


Probably I'm the last one who started reading the Twilight Saga.
That I didn't untill last week was because I was to stubborn before.
I was like "Everybody is reading it, so that's why I'm not".
But than a friend gave me her books for me to read because I wasn't feeling well last week and now I'm hooked and feel like a fool that I didn't read them right a way.
I read the three books within 5 day's, just couldn't put them down.
I read the books in Dutch and I just can't waith for the Dutch version of Breaking Dawn that will be here in April.
So I decided to buy the whole saga in English, well ask them for Sinterklaas (st Nicholas) so I don't have to think of something to ask Jeremy's parents, since they alway's buy us presents too and i never knwo what to ask!

After reading the books, I can't waith to go to the movies also.
It is just about two weeks from now that they are having a New Moon evening in the cinema, it will be perfect because before they start with New Moon you can watch Twilight also.
And I have never seen the movie either, so I can't waith!!

O and I also read the partial draft if Midnight Sun that Stephenie Meyer has on her website.
It's amazing to read Twilight trough Edward's eye's, it's to bad it's only a partial draft and it probably never become a book.