donderdag 26 februari 2009

Carnival photo's

Tuesday was the last day of the Carnival over here and did we all had a lot of fun!!!!

We spent our day's with the kids and my brother and his family, especially the kids enjoyed there self's sooooo much. It was so much fun to look at them!!!

Last night of the Carnival Jeremy and I went out together, just the two of us. I missed the kids a lot but after a textmessage I knew they were doing just great so I finally enjoyed our evening together!!

dinsdag 24 februari 2009

First Miss Hippy Chick sketch is up!!

You can find the first Miss Hippy Chick sketch up an running on the blog!!!
There's a page sketch and there's a card sketch!!
So come over to play with us!!! You can Find us over here!!!
This is what I did with the sketch, you can find a lot more inspo from the DT on the blog!!!

maandag 23 februari 2009

Carnival update!!

So far we had soooooooo much fun!!
I ended up with a strawberry suite (still have to make a pic of it) and Jeremy has a prison suit with black and white stripes.

We have two day's left, this afternoon we're going out with the kids to a place called "De Bussel".
That's such a fun place to go to with kids during the carnival.

Yesterday we all went to the carnival parade, the kids were so amazed by all the wonderful parade wagons they saw!
After the parade we joined my brother and his family and some others to go to de Bussel and had a great time.
To see the kids dance and having fun make's me even had more fun!!

zaterdag 21 februari 2009


So next couple of days I wont be around all that much since Carnaval started over here!!
Five day's of fun, dressing up and partying!!
Chelsey had a little bit of carnaval allready at her pre-school play group.
She was dressed up as Mega Mindy, a girls superhero from a Belgium tv show.
She don't watch the tv sow all that much, but she loooove;s the songs from the show!!
This afternoon we're going to see how our city's Carnaval Prince is arriving, the mayer will give him the city key and than it's time to party for all ages!!
For tonight our kids and ther nephews are going to my parents, Jeremy and I are going out with my brother and his wife!!
I still have to go get a costume, so I'm off now!!!

woensdag 18 februari 2009


This month we have a wallhanging tutorial up and running over at the Scrappy Times challenge blog, like I told before.
Tonight I've made the tutorial my self and I had the best of fun making it!!
Julie, your the best.....loved making this one!!!
I used a photo of my grandma, who passed away when I was 8.
After 20 years I can still remember every little thing about my grandma, I miss her every day and everyday I wish she was her to meet my little girls.
I know she would be so proud of them.
This photo is the only one I have from her, and when this one was taken she was allready very ill.
The journaling say's:
"I will never forget you, I loved spending time with you and I will alway's miss you.
And grandma, I don't drink coffee!"
About the coffee: when I was about 4 years old I alway's wanted to drink coffee just like the grown up's and then she tolld me not to, because if I would drink coffee my hear turn green.
I was learned that my grandma alway's was right, so I believed her for many years and now I still don't drink coffee, I just don't like the taste of it.

Pre-Challenge at Punk Rock Scrappers

There's a pre-challenge up at Punk Rock Scrappers and I loved it!!
It is all about the things you hate!!
You can add everything on your list you can think of!

This is my page made for the challenge, my list of things I hate is:
* Taxes
* Bills
* War
* Spiders
* Lie's
* Nightmare's
* A bad hair day
* Cigarettes
* Long winters
* Another real life soap

So that's it for now, I have all time to myself this afternoon to relax, do some scrapping!
See you later!! {{HUGS}}

dinsdag 17 februari 2009

Miss Hippy Chick

Last couple of days were not all that great!
There are some family issue's that have make me feel sad.
After a phone call with my aunt late last night I'm feeling a lot better, but there are still things that need's to be solved.
They can be solved, that's what I'm sure of.

Well I have some happy news too I can say!!
Yesterday I've got the news that I made it to Sarah's page DT (there is a card DT also) check it out: Miss Hippy Chick
This is going to be so much fun, there will be sketches for pages and cards to be found!!
The DT will start there term on feb 20th!

Well I'm off now, have to get ready for a doctors appointment!!


zondag 15 februari 2009

Another mini made with my laminater!!

Last year we went to the dutch themepark 'De Efteling'.
The four of us together with Jeremy's dad.

The girls had a lot of fun, Chelsey loved everything and it was Brookynn's first time in the park and she was amazed by all of it!
I've made so many pic's it was hard to pick a couple for the album.
For this album I used my laminater machine, I love using that machine for mini's!!!
Going to us it a lot more, one of the best Christmas presents of last year!!

vrijdag 13 februari 2009

New inspirational blog!!

I think sketches are great and I love to use them for my pages, they are so inspirational to me!
Since a few month's I'm making sketches myself, it's so much fun to do!
You can find some of my sketches allready at Scrappy Times and now I've started a blog for my sketches for you who aren't member of Scrappy Times (well actually you should sign up huh?? :):):) LOL)!
It's just a blog for inspiration and fun, it's not a challenge blog!!
So if you like, come take a look and start creating: "My Scrappy Sketches".

donderdag 12 februari 2009

Punk Rock Scrappers

I'm trying to get on the DT of Punk Rock Scrappers.
For my submission I've made this page!
The page is all about my tattoo's.
All five of them are on the page.
The journaling (in Dutch) say's:
"This is me, I have 5 tattoo's. Not everyone know's that I have them, they don't even expect it of me. But still this is me, alway's thinking of what my next tattoo will be. The most important two tattoo's are the name's of my little girls, the one's I love the most!"
I hope I'm going to make the team, it looks like it's going to be an awesome Challenge Blog!!!
Especially now I'm trying all different kind of things on my pages!!!
Well we'll see, the call is open untill february 28!!

OLW #45

Yesterday I was fooling around with some chalk and acrylic paint!!
This is what came out, a page made for the OLW #45 challenge, "Fun".
I'm very happy with the result, I was working on it the entire evening!!!
This is my first page ever without using pp!!
I'm really enjoying to try all kinds of scrappy things I've never done before!!

dinsdag 10 februari 2009

Wallhanging tutorial!

Maybe you allready know, maybe you don't, but every 10th of the month you can find a tutorial at our Scrappy Times Blog!!
This month there is a tutorial for a wallhanging, made by this wonderful wallhanging artist JULIE!!
Julie, again thank you so much for making the tutorial, I appriciate it a lot!!!!
You´re the best...luv ya!!!

zondag 8 februari 2009

Online crop

Tonight when I've got home I joined an online crop at Making Memories For You for a couple of hours!!

I had soooo much fun working on the Make & Take!!
I've used photo's of Chelsey in the mini we were making.
The pictures were taken the night before her 3th birthday.

With Chelsey you'll never know if she's willing to have her picture taken.
This time she was being a little bit silly, but at the end I mannaged to get one gorgeous pic of her!!


donderdag 5 februari 2009

Having Fun!

I'm on a roll here, last three day's finished a LO in the evening hours!!

This is a LO made for challenges at Pencil Lines (used there sketch) and the BOM/Color Combo at Making Memories For You.

The girls are alway's having fun together, the both of them, having them, raising them and see them grow up is the biggest milestone in my life.

Than about Scrappy Times, we are on the search every month for a 'new 'Member of the Month' and the new Member of the Month will become our Guest Designer for the month after that!! To become our Member of the Month you only have to get yourself out there on the boards, join in the fun at out groups and show us your stuff in our gallery!! (Not that difficult right??)

So come over and join us, we are having a lot of fun allready!!!!


woensdag 4 februari 2009

This is you!

Tonight I came across a challenge at the Dreamgirls Challenge Blog and there latest challenge is called "Clearly Yours".
It's all about scrapping on a transparent background, the word "You" and journaling on your photo.
I have never scrapped on a transperancy so I had to this and om my gosh, I had sooooo much fun doing it!!
The beginning was a little bit difficult but after a few minutes the page put it self together!!
The journaling on the pics is in Dutch and it sais:
"Brooklynn, my little girls. Your sick so often but you're alway's happy too!!"

zondag 1 februari 2009

New Challenges!!!!

A new challenge is up over at the Scrappy Times Blog!!
Challenge #3 will be a sketch challenge, let you inspire by the sketch and the LO's the DT made with this sketch.
"You & Me" is my take on the sketch!!!
We've also have a whole new kind of challenge for you up and running over at the Scrappy Times Community!!!
It's called 'Guest Designer Challenge' and you can find it in one of the Scrappy Times Groups!!
This mont's Guest Designer is LeAnne and she came up with an amazing challenge!!!
Because it's the beginning of a new month there are also a new 'Member of the Month' and 'Artist of the Month'.........wanna know who they are jump over to our MessageBoards!!!!