woensdag 29 oktober 2008

It's almost....


We don't really do much about Halloween here in the Netherlands, but to me it's special because it's my little babygirl her birthday!!!
This year it's her first birthday, so extra extra special :):):)
We celebrate this day on friday with a small group of family.

16 november is it Brooklynn's christening so then we celebrate both her birthday and christening for a larger group of friends and family.

The invitations for that day I've made myself and this is the result!!
I can't believe my little baby isn't really a little baby anymore *sigh*.
She walks allready and talks a lot (in her own language offcourse, LOL), it's all going way to fast.

Love Jacqueline

dinsdag 28 oktober 2008


Today the mail brought me some new stuff!!!

Scrappy stuff!!!

I finally orderd a crop 'o dile and it came in today along with some other stuff!!
I'm so happy with all of it, especially with the rub-ons.
I never used them and it's about time, so now I can.

And today was the day to go and get my new tattoo, and I did!!!
I'm so proud of it.
The tattoo artist used my own design, so that makes it extra special to me.
It's a tattoo bracelet with my the name of my younghest daughter in it!.

So today was a fun day to me, how was your day??

zondag 26 oktober 2008

Look a Like

This weekend I've worked on a layout with some pictures of my little girls.
They are so different from each other.
But still sometimes you can see that they look a like.

Especially on a few pictures you can see some similarity.
I think that you can see this on the pictures on this page.
They are about the same age on the pictures as well.

Well, see for your self!!! TFL.....xoxo

FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!!!

Last friday was awesome!!!!

We spent the day in a themepark here in the Netherlands, called "De Efteling".
It was a rainy day, but never the less we had a blast!!!

Our little girls loved it too.
It was Brooklynn's first time ever in de Efteling and she wasn't reallt that impressed.
Chelsey on the other hand totally loved it, she loved it the first time she was there and now even loved it more.

I've made about 240 pictures!!!!! :):):):)
So I have a lot of scrapping a head of me.........and I really son't mind ;) :):):):):)
Well here are some of the pictures, TFL and see you soon!!!!!!

woensdag 22 oktober 2008


Hi you all!!
Today was my first workingday!!
Well workingday, I worked for 2,5 hours.
But i don't think it's that bad to start one bit at the time, since I'm still recovering from a PPD.
It's going great this last couple of weeks, so don't want to rush anything.
And working a few hours a day is just enough for now.

A few day's a go I've scrapped a canvas for my mom.
She asked me to make one for her birthday.
She was very happy with the result, just like me hehe, I so wanted to keep it myself!!

I don't have much to tell you today so I'm off now, hopefully get some scrapping done!!!

Thanks for looking and see you later!!!

zaterdag 18 oktober 2008

Shopping, work, tattoos!!

Last weeks I've did a lot of shopping!!!
First for our kids and last couple of day's I did some shopping for me!!!!
It was about time too......I was desperate in need for some new clothes for this autumn/winter season.
So now I have some and I think they are pretty awesome!
Don't have pictures jet, maybe next post!! :):):):):)

The most excited news I've got this week was about a job!!
They hired me!!!!
So next week I'm going to start working for the first time in ages, for about 15 hours a week!!
I'm going to help older people that still lives in there own house to clean and do the things they can't do that well anymore.
Thursday is going to be my first day, can't waith.

Than let's talk about tattoos.....
Not everyone like them, well I do.
Not that many people even know's that I have four tattoos and the fifth is soon to come.
I really love my tattoos and never will regret them, but I keep them to myself, they are mine and it's my thing.
It also happend before someone that first didn't know about my tattoos treatet me differently after she found out.

Well now I'm about to get my fifth tattoo, the name of my youngest daughter is the one thing I want to have tattood.
But it's the first I'm going to design myself, with a little help of the tattoo artist.
I'm all excited about it and can't waith till it's finished!

I'm off now, have a lot to do today!!
See you later!!

XOXOXO Jacqueline

zondag 12 oktober 2008


Was a fun day for me.
I did a lot off shopping voor "Sinterklaas".
We are spoiling our little girls a bit to much this year I think.
Anyway, I love the gifts they are getting and hope that they like it too!!
Aaaaaaand.......I bought my self some new shoe's!!!!!
I just love to go shoe shopping and alway's happy when I find a pair that I love!

And this evening I made a page for such a fun challenge on SIStv!
The challenge was to fill in the blancs of this sentence: _______Next Top________
My title is : Hollands Next Top Clown!!!
The moment I saw the challenge I just knew wich photo's I was going to use!
And I'm real happy about the way my page turned out.

Yesterday I've made a page too, It's random weekend at SIStv full of fun challenge's.
The challenge for the page I've made yesterday was to make a layout that documents that random Friday in October.
We had to use some stuff we collect during the day.
My day was al about doing soem shopping, going to the bank and come home to a wonderful vieuw.
The sun was going down and all the beautiful colors were amazing to watch.
I took some pictures and used them in my layout for the challenge.
I didn't had that much time so it didn't come out like I had in mind, but can change it later!

donderdag 9 oktober 2008

Feeling much better.....!!!

Hi everyone!!!
Today I'm feeling so much better.
Can't say I'm all better, but it's comming.
Today I had a little help of my mom cleaning the house and so.
It would be totally sweet that she do that, if she's helping just to helping me.
Instead she alway's wants someting in return I can't give.
It's kinda hard to explain and it's even harder to understand, even for me.
The most difficult relation in my life, is the one I have with my parents, especially the one with my mom.

I've tryed so hard to make it work and sometimes it do work.
To bad it never last long and that makes me very sad.
There's nothing I want more in life than having a healthy relationship with my parents, but it just isn't meant to be i guess.

Well enough about this, because I can go on and on with story's about my parents and me, but I just don't want to go there.
It hurts me to much.
So let's talk about some fun stuff.

Yesterday evening I just couldn't fall a sleep.
So I went over to check in at SIStv.
I had so much fun talking to some of the SISters!!
And it showed me how much I'm addicted to SIStv I guess.
I mean, I was laying sick in my bed with my labtop, chatting at SIStv.....helloooo!
Is there a rehab program for this???
Not that I'm ever going to follow such a program......I love it to much.
So much inspiration and great artists!!

Well, hoping some people find me a bit of an artist too.
Trying to get in the DT of Lotus Paperie.
We will find out soon enough, you'll never know!!
Trying to make a design team is so much fun to me.
Alway's a challenge to improve myself.
Hope that one day I can proudly say I'm a DT member :):)LOL:):):):)!!

dinsdag 7 oktober 2008

Round Robin

Last Sunday I joined a Round Robin at SIStv.
Before sunday I've never joined a round robin before, so you can imagine how much fun it was to play for me.
And I so love the outcome of my layout!!

Well I'm keeping this post short today, because I'm not feeling well.
Spend most off the time in bed today.
Hoping I'm feeling much better in the morning.

Bye you all, see ya next time.

maandag 6 oktober 2008

A Taggy day!!

This morning I finaly found some time to blog.
And there it is, a post from Sandra and it say's I've been tagged!!!
So I went ovet to her blog, Certified Paper Freak, and found out about this tagging game.
So much fun, she wrote down 7 things just about her, great way to get to know each other don't you think!!!

Well since I've been tagged I'm about to do the same thing.
So enjoy my 7 things that make's me, me!!
And over here you can find the tag and the one's I've tagged!!!

1. I love to play football (soccer).

2. Spaghetti is my favorite food.

3. I'm addicted to SIStv.

4. I love to dance and sing with my little girls, alltough I'm a bad dancer and singer!!

5. Cat's hate me.

6. I haven't seen my naturel haircolor for 13 years.

7. I´m totally in love with my family and that will never change!
And you are tagged by me: