donderdag 9 oktober 2008

Feeling much better.....!!!

Hi everyone!!!
Today I'm feeling so much better.
Can't say I'm all better, but it's comming.
Today I had a little help of my mom cleaning the house and so.
It would be totally sweet that she do that, if she's helping just to helping me.
Instead she alway's wants someting in return I can't give.
It's kinda hard to explain and it's even harder to understand, even for me.
The most difficult relation in my life, is the one I have with my parents, especially the one with my mom.

I've tryed so hard to make it work and sometimes it do work.
To bad it never last long and that makes me very sad.
There's nothing I want more in life than having a healthy relationship with my parents, but it just isn't meant to be i guess.

Well enough about this, because I can go on and on with story's about my parents and me, but I just don't want to go there.
It hurts me to much.
So let's talk about some fun stuff.

Yesterday evening I just couldn't fall a sleep.
So I went over to check in at SIStv.
I had so much fun talking to some of the SISters!!
And it showed me how much I'm addicted to SIStv I guess.
I mean, I was laying sick in my bed with my labtop, chatting at SIStv.....helloooo!
Is there a rehab program for this???
Not that I'm ever going to follow such a program......I love it to much.
So much inspiration and great artists!!

Well, hoping some people find me a bit of an artist too.
Trying to get in the DT of Lotus Paperie.
We will find out soon enough, you'll never know!!
Trying to make a design team is so much fun to me.
Alway's a challenge to improve myself.
Hope that one day I can proudly say I'm a DT member :):)LOL:):):):)!!

3 reacties:

Peachtree Studio - lifestyle photography zei

SIStv Rehab
I say no no no :)


jessica nole zei

chatting on sistv is a great time- it's been a while for me since i last stayed up to chat with the girls!

i know where you are coming from about people helping because they want something in return-
i believe that if you don't help from your heart, then it's not really helping. i hope things get better for you!

shaina zei

hope you feel better soon! and i don't think we need a SIS rehab. its therapy enough itself! :D