zaterdag 18 oktober 2008

Shopping, work, tattoos!!

Last weeks I've did a lot of shopping!!!
First for our kids and last couple of day's I did some shopping for me!!!!
It was about time too......I was desperate in need for some new clothes for this autumn/winter season.
So now I have some and I think they are pretty awesome!
Don't have pictures jet, maybe next post!! :):):):):)

The most excited news I've got this week was about a job!!
They hired me!!!!
So next week I'm going to start working for the first time in ages, for about 15 hours a week!!
I'm going to help older people that still lives in there own house to clean and do the things they can't do that well anymore.
Thursday is going to be my first day, can't waith.

Than let's talk about tattoos.....
Not everyone like them, well I do.
Not that many people even know's that I have four tattoos and the fifth is soon to come.
I really love my tattoos and never will regret them, but I keep them to myself, they are mine and it's my thing.
It also happend before someone that first didn't know about my tattoos treatet me differently after she found out.

Well now I'm about to get my fifth tattoo, the name of my youngest daughter is the one thing I want to have tattood.
But it's the first I'm going to design myself, with a little help of the tattoo artist.
I'm all excited about it and can't waith till it's finished!

I'm off now, have a lot to do today!!
See you later!!

XOXOXO Jacqueline

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Marlies zei

Good luck with your job!

And that's great you'll be getting a tattoo you (partially) designed yourself. If ANYTHING is personal, it's a tattoo, right?