woensdag 29 juli 2009


Finally I have the time and energy to sit down and talk a bit to you.
I wasn't around for a while, it feels like more than a decade to me.
I'm struggling with my health and some day's all things are going well and other day's I can'get out of bed.
And than past week suddenly my 3yo wasn't feeling all that well.

July 18th & 19th
Chelsey isn;t feeling all that well and she don't want to do a thing, just wants o watch tv on our bed.

July 20th
The girls are going to there grandparents.
Chelsey don't want to eat or drink much.
In the afternoon she's running a fever.

July 21st
Chelsey is doing allright again, the fever is gone.
The girls and I are going out to the childrens farm to see the new born goats.
On tuesday's she was doing allright again, but she looked tired to me.
She was looking a bit tired to me so I put her to bed early.

July 22nd
Chelsey wakes up when Jeremy is going out to work, she's having a fever again and she passes out for a moment.

Jeremy put her down next to me and she falls back a sleep right away.
Around 7.00 she wakes up again and can't get up, she's shaking all over her little body and the fever is rising.
A half hour later she isn't responding anymore so I'm taking her to the doctor, she send her straight to the hospital.
After examin her they think she's a bit dehydrated and they are wanting to keep her in the hospital for a day, just to see how she's doing.

When we are settling in to her room things get worse and after a few hours they want to do a spinal marrow punction because they suspects that she's having meningitis.
The results come back within the hour and she's having meningitis.
We are shoked and I really was afraid when they told us, she was so sick at that time.
Right after the results came back they gave her a drip wih anibiotics and fluids.
One of us can stay in the hospital with her that night, so we decides that I'm going to stay with her.

July 23th
After waking up the next morning I just can't believe my eye's.
Chelsey is doing so much better, the fever is allmost gone and she is all awake again.
The paediatrician is stopping by and he say's that we are very lucky, Chelsey was diagnosed in such an early stage of meningites and she is responding very well to the antibiotis and fluid.

July 24th
After three day's in the hospital the final results of the spinal marrow punction come back and the pathogens (do I say it right in English like this?) was a virus, a mild virus and so she doesn't need antibiotics anymore and we can take her home early this evening.
We are sooooo happy!!

I'm so thankfull for the early diagnose, I know things could have ended so much more worse!!

Right now she's doing sooooo much better, she's still having a headache and she's a bit dizzy sometimes.
Now she can start processing this all, just like Jeremy and I.
In just afew day's things went from allright to worse and back to allright again.
And if I think about how things could have been, I'm full of gratefulness!