maandag 23 februari 2009

Carnival update!!

So far we had soooooooo much fun!!
I ended up with a strawberry suite (still have to make a pic of it) and Jeremy has a prison suit with black and white stripes.

We have two day's left, this afternoon we're going out with the kids to a place called "De Bussel".
That's such a fun place to go to with kids during the carnival.

Yesterday we all went to the carnival parade, the kids were so amazed by all the wonderful parade wagons they saw!
After the parade we joined my brother and his family and some others to go to de Bussel and had a great time.
To see the kids dance and having fun make's me even had more fun!!

2 reacties:

Fink zei

Looks like a great time! I was surprised to see your daughter driving already! LOL

Marcie zei

Looks like a blast! And what great pictures to scrap!