maandag 21 juli 2008

Look what came in today!!!

Last week I won a price for a slogan contest on
That's a site that gifs info about the Hotfixers among us!
As a price I could shop for € 50,-....and offcourse I did (I just LOVE hotfix).
So today my price came in, yeay!!!!!

Today I was having a very crafty morning with my 2 year old!
She really wanted to paint and I totaaly agreed with her.
So we wnet to the kitchen and I took her paint out and a the paper, so she could paint.
She loved it as usual!!!
And again I'm forgot to take pictures of her creating her art!!!
Next time she wants to paint and being creative (and probably that's very soon from now, she love's it!!!) I promis u I'll make some great pictures!!

Well, I'm off to bed now....if I can get myself out of my chair, can't stop scrapping :):):):)
You all have a goodnight sleep en see ya next time!!!

1 reacties:

colinda zei

eeeuj mop echt super leuk zon site vind echt knap waar je het geduld vandaan haalt om die mooie dingen te maken:D

watching you!!!


xxxx Liefs Col