maandag 14 juli 2008

Hi there!!!!

Hi there al you Bloggers!!!
Finally I have a Blog that makes me happy!!
I tried to make a Blog for a few times, but never was happy about it.
Hopefully you come around sometime and take a look at my scrapping and lifestory's, I would love it if you leave some comments over here!
Leave a link to your own Blog and I'll stop by to take a look around.

Much love to you all!!!

7 reacties:

linda loe zei

succes met je blog :-D

Mariangeles M zei

Welcome to the bloggie world!

We've chosen the same counter!!!

Kristina zei

Congrats with the new blog! =)

McMGrad89 zei

Gefeliciteerd...that is the only Dutch I know. It seemed to fit. I am very happy for you. Can't wait to read what you have got.

Annemarie (MommyVictory)

Sasha zei

Congrats on the new blog .. your gonna love it I hope ha ha. I am getting ready to update mines again .. change my headers, add some column headers and are going to get addicted hopefully .. okay well maybe addicted is too much of a word..either way enjoy girl.


Mika zei

Congrats with you blog See you soon. Mika (

JenR zei

Found you on SIS. Thought I'd say hello! :)

JenR <~~~SIS screenname