donderdag 30 april 2009

So shocked!!!

Today it's a national holliday for us over here in Holland.
On april 30th we celebrate Queensday, the birthday of our queen.
It's alway's a fun day and our queen and her family is visiting a town every year.
This year the day ended to soon.
Someone drove his car into the crowed that was watching the queen and wanted to hit the bus where the royal family was in.
He killed 4 people and there are 13 others injured.
Jeremy and me were looking to the festivity's on tv and saw it all live.
It was such a schocking thing to see, I just can't explain!!
I'm still shocked.

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Julie Tucker-Wolek zei

I read about this on Hanneke's blog and was quite saddened!!!! WOW!!!!! just shaking my head at this tragedy there!!!! :(:(:(