vrijdag 1 mei 2009

Design Team Search!!!

Everyone I know is really upset about what happend here at Queensday in Apeldoorn yesterday.
They attack on our royalty's cost the life of five innocent people.
The man who did it died last night.
I didn't sleep a lot last night thinking about the people who suffer so much right now and I feel blessed that no one of my family was there and that they are allright.

What is happening all over the world, there are so many acts of violence against innocent people.
I feel so sad about what going on all around the world!

I have also some funner news.
We are on the search for three new DT members at Scrappy Times!!!
And to find those three new members today will start a three week competition!!!
Come visit the forum to find out more about it!!!
See you there!!!


6 reacties:

Julie Tucker-Wolek zei

Well, as evil as this might be to say....I am almost glad the man that caused it has passed away....however....now, I wonder if they will ever find out why he did it!!! I am soooooooooo saddened for those families that lost loved ones yesterday....I was thinking about this all last night.....

And 3 new DT???? WOWWWWWWWWWWW.....gonna have to see whats going on over there! :):):):):):)

Fink zei

I agree with Julie I am glad that he died! That was awful! I wish you were looking for a card designer! Have not scrapped in years!

Michelle zei

So sad about what happened!! I'm praying for the families!
Hows the bunnies doing? I'm sure the girls are having a lot of fun with them!!
Hope you are having a good week!!

Hanneke zei

Het blijft wel door je hoofd spoken vind je niet, het is vandaag alweer een week geleden! En dan weer dat nieuws dat het bevrijdings feest in Rotterdam (wij komen daar vaak het is zo'n half uurtje bij ons vandaan) helemaal uit de hand is gelopen, wat zijn dat toch voor mensen??!!! In zo'n wereld moeten wij dus onze kinderen groot brengen!!

Michelle zei

Hi, Jacqueline! I tried emailing you on scrappy times 3x it didn't work so I will have my dh help me find out why its not working, tonight!
Hope you have a nice day!!

Michelle zei

Jacqueline, this is urgent please check your messages at Scrappy times! I didnt know how else to get in touch!