maandag 27 april 2009

A day at the campingsite

My parents, aunt and uncle spend most of there time during spring and summer on a campingsite.
My girls looooove to go and visit them and so when there daddy is having a soccer game and the weather is fine we go!!
Last saturday we were there to and it was nice to see them play!!
Chelsey was feeling better from having chicken-pox and was full of energy again and wanted to go to the campingsite lake.
Brooklynn loved playing in the sand and she loooooooooooved the slide!!
Our little dog Clifford joined us too, it was his first time at the campingsite and he had a wonderful time also!!

Jeremy called me a few minutes ago, his arm is in a cast (do you call it like this??)
He broke his thumb at work!!!
Can you believe this, everytime one of us is better another one turns sick or is hurting something!!!!

Well I have some other news too, we are going to expand our family!!!
With in a few weeks a new addition to family will arrive......a beautiful bunny is comming to live with us!!!!!
I can't waith untill the little one is big enough to come and live with us!!!
As soon as I have a decent photo i will offcourse show it to you all!!!!

So, this is it for today, I'm about to visit my cousin in a bit!!!!


3 reacties:

Aimee zei

great pictures, dogger is so cute!

Hanneke zei

Leuke foto's zeg, wat heerlijk als ze zo lekker kunnen spelen!!! Enne wat een pech hebben jullie de een lost de ander af, hopelijk is dit voorlopig het laatste!!!

Farah zei

great pictures. and hope the thumb heals soon. cant wait to see the bunny pics though.