maandag 1 december 2008

Christmas project

I wasn't in a Christmas mood jet, but it's comming!!!
Especially when I see all Christmas projects everyone is making!!!
I'm all inspired right now, so I made a Christmas project that was inspired by a wall hanger a sister from SIStv made, Linda Loe.
She has an awesome style that I really love!!
So take a look over at her blog!!!!!

I must say, my Wii is very very very much fun so much fun that I don't even have much time left to scrap.
It's a hard choise for me, play the Wii or go scrapping!!!
Okay so the Wii is new for me now, I'll guess when we have it a little bit longer that I don't play all that much as I do now, so for now I enjoy and get back to scrapping later hehe :):):):)
So I'm gonna join Jeremy in the livingroom again right now to play a game of bowling on our awesome Wii!!!
Yes it's true, I'm still having that little girl in side of me and once in a while she comes out, like now!!!!
Much love to you all, Jacqueline

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Fink zei

I don't think I will ever get out of playing the Wii! I am glad you are having fun with it but look forward to your projects!