dinsdag 9 december 2008

Just being busy!!!

Just being busy, that's just what I am!!
I keep myself busy though.
That's the only way for me to get trough this day's when the kids are to bed.

I'm trying to get my forum (Scrappy Times) going, I have 28 members allready, so that's going great!!
The first challenge is allready been done!!
Now there's a tutorial up at the blog of the forum, my first try on something like that!!!
I'm so loving to do this and hoping it turns out just the way I had in mind!!!
I'm hoping I will find a sponsor in the near future so I can organize some bigger challenges and have something for the comming Design Team to work with.
We'll see, first things first!!!

I'm also getting some scrapping done.
I've made a 6x12 page with a couple of photo's of my girls playing in the snow that fell down that one single day over here!!!

Then I did some Christmas decorating in the house and I'm far from ready jet!!
So excited, I loooooooove Christmas, it's making me forget the struggles we went trough this past year!!
I want the decorating finished though when Jeremy comes home from the hospital so that would be thursday we were told today.
Hopefully that's right, because we were told at first that it would be tomorrow.
We'll see, in mean while I have a nice 'to do' list to keep me busy!!

2 reacties:

Fink zei

Sorry I have not been by! I am glad that he is coming home soon! Are you going to leave Never Been Kissed? And what is your group all about?

Calia Yang zei

your husband must be happy to be coming home soon! He'll be so happy to see the decorations you and the girls did! I love your layout! I'm trying to get myself to do more 6x12's. heehhe ^_^ just droppin' by to say hi!