maandag 29 december 2008

Christmas is over....

I had some wonderful day's!!!
The kids are spoiled and so are Jeremy and I!
There is one gift that allmost brought us to tears, it's gorgeous!!!
It's a painting with our girls on it and Dimitri (my brother in law) gave it to us.

Jeremy's parents gave me a laminate machine and I love it.
I've used it allready :):):):):):)
I have made a mini album with it and I'm planning to do much more with it!!
For more pictures of the mini go to my gallery at Scrappy Times.
Don't forget to stop by at our blog too in january.
We are having 2 challenges a month, a tutorial.
We are also going to announce the first Member of the Month, if you become Member of the Month you are our guest designer in the next month.
So if you want to be our guest designer stop by and find out what to do!!!!

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*Chelle* zei

I'll say it over and over, that painting is fabulous!! Your little mini, so darling!!