donderdag 1 januari 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy new year to you all!!!
Hope you have had a wonderful night!!!

Our night was just great, we spend it with Jeremy's family and all we did was eat and relax, wonderfull!!
We woke the kids up to watch the fireworks and they loved it!!
Chelsey didn't wanted to go outside, but from out the window she watched the fireworks and she was all amazed!!
Today we also went to my parents and that was great too.

After dinner we came home and the kids went to bed early.
So I finally had time to make some announcements on the Scrappy Times forum and blog.
You must come over to check it out and join the fun!!!
We have a new challenge and our first Member of the Month is up!!!

That's it for today, have a wonderful evening!!!


3 reacties:

The Tucker's and Wolek's zei

Sounds like U had a WONDERFUL NEW YEARS EVE!!!!!! Hope 2009 is FABULOUS for U my DEAR! :):):):):):):)

Fink zei

Sounds like you had a blast! I am waiting for things to get back to normal myself!

Michelle W zei

Happy New Year Jacqueline !
Just popping by to say Hello !