woensdag 21 januari 2009

A little tutorial with a RAK!!

A little while ago I was going trough some video's at YouTube and came across a simple and fast way to put a mini together and I just want to share it with you.

Since I can't find the specific video anymore so I can't give proper credits, so if anyone recognize it please let me know.
And since i don't have a link to share with you, I've made some pictures while I was making that instand mini!

Well about that RAK, if you make the mini please link it up in a comment post to make a change winning it!
So here we go:
* All you need is one piece of 12x12 (patterned) paper.
Lay it on your desk with the pattern face down.

* Fold it in half and open it up again and again place it with the pattern face down.

* Fold it again, the other way around.
* Keep it folded like that and fold it in half again.

* Open it up one (1) time and keep the crease on your right.
There's a crease in the middle too, cut that crease from the right to the middle.

* Open it all up and fold it again like you can see on the pic below.
* Take both ends and push them together like you can see on the pic below

* Than fold it so you'll get a book, like this:

Here are some pic's of one that I've completed.
When you fold the mini like this you will have some pages that are open on the sides, I've used some double sided tape to close them up and left the spaces on the upper side open to put some tags for journaling in it:

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McMGrad89 zei

Jacqueline, we use this fold to make little note taking books for the kids at school. It is a super idea for a mini album. Thanks for sharing it.

If I make one soon I will post it. I especially like yours.

Michelle W zei

WOW ! So simple but it looks fabulous !!!
TFS Jacqueline !


Txracy zei

THAT IS SO AWESOME! And easy! Thanks for sharing!

Calia Yang zei

I saw that tutorial...it was awesome!! i have yet to try it! LOL i love that it's so simple, but yet it came out so GREAT!!

i love your take on the tutorial! very cool!

Fink zei

What a great tutorial!

Michelle W zei

Jaqueline, I have tagged you !!!
Please see my blog !


Mara... zei

Super cute project!! Thanks for the great instructions!

Glad you joined us over at Scrap N Supply Shack!!!

Diva Scrapper zei

These little books are adorable.