maandag 12 januari 2009

Not so happy monday!!

After this great weekend I'm now not feeling well!!
I'm in bed as we speek, with my labtop catching up on some stuff.
I know I'm an internet addict, have to keep updated about all scrappy stuff that's happening!!
Past saturday it was my my oldest her 3th birtday!!
She had a wonderfull day and was spoild, you can't imagine!
She looooved her non-alcohol kids champagne, well I guess she loved it that she was alloud to drink it from a wineglass :):):)
Yesterday we went outside to play with the snow that was still here.
Today the snow is slowly melting away.
The girls are all sad about it, they loved the snow to play in.
Yesterday after diner I wasn't feeling well and a few hours later I was at the doctors and they gave me some painkillers.
Today I went to see my own doctor and she gave me some other's and now I'll have to waith to see if they work.
So now I'm in bed hoping the pain will go away soon......I hate monday!!!
I have some happier news too, you can find a new tutorial on our Scrappy Times Blog!!!
Chelle made this one, it's about maing a celebration Canvas and I can tell you it's a pretty awesome one!!!

3 reacties:

leateach zei

I hope you feel better soon! :) Get lots of rest! :)

Calia Yang zei

i hope you feel better. You're daughter is too cute!! I have something on my blog for you - so come check it out!! ^_^

sarah zei

hope you are starting to feel better!