donderdag 8 januari 2009

Red Oak Lines

Do I have some awesome news!!
By now you all know I have a forum up and running, Scrappy Times.
From now on we are going to work together with Red Oak Lines, an Etsy store with some real cute stuff!!
Red Oak Lines will be the sponsor of our february challenge and also is going to give our DT some goodies to work with!!
I can tell you how happy I am with this!!

Today we went to Ikea and bought a new sofa!!!!
Tomorrow we are going to pick it up, can't waith!
Ikea is great, I love to walk around there to get inspired by all the pretty stuff they have!!

We're also very busy with planning our wedding.
I never tought it would be this stressfull.
Because we want a non traditional wedding it's hard to pick a date, it all depent on several factors of the location and when it is available.
Everytime we think we have finally have a date that we like, we can not have it because it's booked allready.
Maybe we have to find some place else, even if it's our second choise.
Well we see, I;m hoping we will have a final date set soon!!!


3 reacties:

sarah zei

thanks for linking up my shop, and i can't wait to hear more about your wedding updates! that's going to be so exciting! :)


Michelle W zei

Thanks Sarah for sponsoring Scrappy Times for February !
Jacqueline... good luck with getting a date, I know mine changed a few times !!!
Try not to stress too much, you don't want to turn into a Bridezilla ! LOL !


Calia Yang zei

Hey girl - I love IKEA too!! When we lived in France, that was OUR STORE! eheheh My parents always took us there. I miss it. They just built an IKEA here in Atlanta and it's ALWAYS packed during the weekends.
I'm really excited about working with Sarah's cute stuff! She's got some uber talent!! (which reminds me, I gotta put her banner on my blog).
I'm excited for you and your wedding. You're gonna be so beautiful and smiling ear to ear!!