zondag 14 december 2008


Do you like sketches ad much as I do????

Well I love them a lot, I think they are perfect in times when you don't have all that much of inspiration!!
So like not that long a go I've started to make some sketches of my own and it's so much fun to do!!
I'm going to make some more for inspiration and you can find them at Scrappy Times!!
We have some new other fun stuff too over at Scrappy Times.
There's a group were you can organize some swaps if you like.
And to keep things all clear we have a group were you can add your takes on the future challenge's!!!
Members keep signing up, we are growing every day!!
I'm so happy about it!!
So if you are'nt a member jet, sign up, we have a lot of fun allready!!!
And you can still try out for our Design Team untill saturday!
See you @ Scrappy Times
xoxo Jacqueline

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