vrijdag 14 november 2008

Quick page

I wanted to join a challenge at Your Memories By Design.
They have a challenge for november that I really like.
The challenge is to pick scrappingstuff from a menu.
Off each course you have to pick 2 things and use that, and only that on your page (+ a photo offcourse).

These are my choises:

- Course #1: Fibre, Felt fusion
- Course #2: Acrylics, Brads
- Course #3: Staples, Bling
- Course #4: Flowers, Ribbon
- Course #5: Eyelet, Stickers
Such a great way to put a page together, and I was really quick with putting it together.
I finished this page in a little longer than half an hour!!
I have never before completed a page in such short of time.


2 reacties:

shaina zei

what a cool challenge! i love what you created. awesome job! :D

Fink zei

Very cute! I love the white flower stuff!