woensdag 5 november 2008

Crazy day's

Last day's were not that great.
Last friday our little girl was celebrating her first birthday!
That was amazing though and we had a great with family.

My brother came over too with his wife and kids.
The oldest (1,5yo) had a cold just like his little brother of 1,5 month and my oldest daughter.
Nothing really bad we thought.

In the middle of the night my 2yo was burning up with a fever and was feeling really bad.
Saturday during the day she was feeling better bit by bit.
On sunday she still was having a cold but the fever was gone.

Then we had a call of my brother, his youngest one was admitted to the hospital.
The dokter thought he had a pneumonia.
Yesterday they took some longphoto's and all kinds of test.
No pneumonia but it turned out to be that he's suffering from the RS-virus.
So today he came home, he's still very ill, but he must get over it on his own, without medication.
The most important is that he drinks his milk enough and than he will be allright.

And than after a great sunday, also in the middle of the night my younghest one was having a fever.
She was sick all day yesterday, she didn't drink much an was a sleep most of the time.
Today the fever was allmost gone an she was feeling a little better.
She didn't ate much, but hey, the drinking part was not a problem.

So after this crazy days of all the little ones being sick and all, I'm glad the worse part is over!!!!

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The Tucker's and Wolek's zei

OMYGOSH....I am soooooooooooooooo sorry about your nephew....RSV is serious.....and I am sorry your little one was sick too....Brookie has to have surgery tomorrow.....sooooooo HOPEFULLY the RS-virus isn't running ramped in the hospital she goes too......

Julie :):):):):):)