maandag 24 november 2008

Scrappy Times!

Some off you know allready that I was thinking for a while now to open a forum of some kind all about scrapbooking.
Well I did!!!!
SCRAPPY TIMES is the name!!
I so exited about it, you can't imagine!!!
Well I knmow there are sooooo many forums and comunity's in this Scrappy world, still I will give it a try to make this work.
Hopefully you will join me so we can have lots of fun.
The inspiration of this kind of forum I found at Never Been Kissed Scrappers.
So it's all new and I started it this today since I can't do that much now I have my wrist brused over the weekend.
I hope you will going to take a look and I'm hoping even more you'll come back some more and make this work.
I am also looking for some 'partners in crime' who can help me out with the Challenges and Tutorials and of course the inspiration for our members!!
If you are interessted you can leave me an email to:
Well hopefully see you all at Scrappy Times

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Nessa zei

good luck with your forum!