woensdag 26 november 2008

How do you feel???

Well I'm feeling terrible!!
I'm having a cold and I mean the worse cold ever!!
Then I feel misserable because my wrist still hurts like crazy (I had a little accident last saturday).
Awesome huh....NOT!!!
Hope you are feeling so much better then I do!!

Today it's my brothers birthday, so that's fun though!
We are going to visit him tonight for an hour or two, my girls are gonna love that, they love to play with ther nephews!!

And then there is tomorrow.
I have an appointment to see the doctor to look at my wrist again.
I hope they can do at least something so the pain is minimal, because now it obvious isn't.
Keep you updated about that!!

Then I'm very busy with planning all kinds of stuff to do on my new forum, Scrappy Times.
There is a challenge allready that you can find over at the Scrappy Times Challende Blog.
Now I can't do all much scrapping with my wrist, I'm surfing the internet to find some stuff I can give away as prizes.
Since I don't have that much money as I wish I have, the prizes are just small and nice and fun, nothing big or fancy!!
It's mostly for fun so come and join us, sign up!!!


2 reacties:

Stacey zei

Hope you're feeling better!

The Tucker's and Wolek's zei

U poor thing!!!!!! I hope your wrist gets better!!!! Hard to type when that hurts!!!!!!! Super excited about your site too! :):):):):):):):)