maandag 11 augustus 2008

Balloon Fiesta!

Past weekend we went to Breda to my boyfriends parents.

There was a balloon Fiesta were I wanted to go to and Jeremy had a day full of soccerpractice.

So I went to look at de balloons with my oldest daughter and Jeremy's brother came with us.
Chelsey-Anne had a great time, she was so overwelmed with all the big balloons.

Only the weather wasn't that great, so only five balloons took off.
Well we have a great time after all.
Chelsey-Anne was so excited she didn't say a word wen we were at the place were the balloons took off, she started talking again on the way back home.

Now she still talks about the balloons.
This morning I placed the pictures on my computer and she wants to watch them every few minutes.
And when she see them she's telling me how big the balloons were and how fast they went up to the sky!!

2 reacties: zei

You have adorable girls Jaquline and good to read your digital scrappie!! Enjoyed reading your posts,

Best Wishes,

Charleen zei

That looks like fun.