dinsdag 26 augustus 2008

My Scrappie Space!!!!

So this is my new room were I can scrap in.
My 2yo desided she wants to share a room with her babysister.

We did'nt thought it would work, well it did, both of them are sleeping so much better now.

So we've moved there beds and stuf to our room (the biggest one) and we are moved to the middle room.

And so it is that we had a spare room, a room were now my scrapstuff and the labtop is in, also it's going to be the room were I'm going to iron our clothes!! :):):):)
On the pic you can see my scrap side of the room....!!!! Yeay!!
It's still a bit messy, but I'm still buisy cleaning everything in all of the rooms.
Since I was buisy and all I decided to move everything around and have a big house cleaning!!!
So hoping tomorow I will be finished, love to have the whole house fresh and clean!!!!

3 reacties:

Julie Ann Shahin zei

Congrats on your new scrap space! I think it looks like a great place to inspire you!!

Cricket zei

Yay for a new scrappy space!! Enjoy!


McMGrad89 zei

Great space. I have a boy and a girl who are eight years apart, so it will be almost 7 years before I get my own room again. :-(