dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

Challenge !!!

This morning I was buisy cleaning the house and went true some old stuff.
In that pile of stuff I found a sketch I've made for a card.

The card I make with that sketch was for Project Catwalk at SIStv that I've never send in because of the illness of my father in law.

So I tought it would be fun to make a challenge out of it.
Mostly the challenge is for fun, I'll send the winner (picked randomly) a set of my self made pins.

So this is the sketch you can play with (it's my first sketch ever, so it's not very professional and all) and the card I made my self.

Send me a link to what you came up with before september 1st.
Have fun playing!!!

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Stephanie zei

Hey! You won the RAK over at PaperMinx.com...can you send us your email address at

paperminx [at] hotmail.com?