maandag 29 december 2008

Christmas is over....

I had some wonderful day's!!!
The kids are spoiled and so are Jeremy and I!
There is one gift that allmost brought us to tears, it's gorgeous!!!
It's a painting with our girls on it and Dimitri (my brother in law) gave it to us.

Jeremy's parents gave me a laminate machine and I love it.
I've used it allready :):):):):):)
I have made a mini album with it and I'm planning to do much more with it!!
For more pictures of the mini go to my gallery at Scrappy Times.
Don't forget to stop by at our blog too in january.
We are having 2 challenges a month, a tutorial.
We are also going to announce the first Member of the Month, if you become Member of the Month you are our guest designer in the next month.
So if you want to be our guest designer stop by and find out what to do!!!!

dinsdag 23 december 2008

Scrappy Times & more

This morning I finished a LO I was working on.
I really didn't had a clue what i was doing with this one and so I'm pretty happy with the result.
The piece of grey cardstock was actually a pink piece, pink didn't work out so i painted grey and decided to add some green to it.
And don't you love that vintage lace?? Well I do so much, i can't work without lace or ribbon anymore.
It's something I have to add to a page, don't know where it's comming from, but it's working for me at the moment!!

You'll have to check out Scrappy Times!!!
I've picked a Design Team and I can tell you they are a bunch of talented ladies!!!
It was the hardest decision ever, all the submissions that came in were absolutly amazing!!
The girls that made the team are:
** Calia **
** Marcee **
** Michelle B **
** Michelle W **
Check out our Scrappy Times Blog to get to know these fab's!!

And this little man is Timo, my godson!!
I'm so very proud of him, he's the cutest don't you think??
This picture was taken last sunday when we were out with the kids to go listen to the christmas story.
offcourse Timo came with us to and he had the biggest fun!!
I can't believe he's three months allready!!!

Today we went ice skating again and again we had sooooooo much fun.
This time Chelsey had her own skates we bought last week.
She was so proud to have her own, she was telling everybody!!
We saw some older kids from school too and Chelsey loved there attention!!

zaterdag 20 december 2008

I scrapped a canvas

I've scrapped a few before as a gift and now I've finally made one just for me!!!
I've used some pictures of such a great day we have a little while ago when we went to a theme park.

Last week I did some more scrapping!
I've made a LO for a challenge at the NBKS crop.
The challenge was to make a LO or two cards out of scraps.
I have a ton of scraps so that was a great challenge for me.
I ripped a bunch of scraps and added some flowers and a leftover ribbon and it turned out great.

And then there was St. Nichoals over here and we had so much fun celebrating and we took a lot of pictures.The picture I scrapped is one of my favorites of the evening we spend at my brothers house.
St. Nicholas came over with a lot of presents for the kids!!

dinsdag 16 december 2008

Ice skating!!!

We have a ice-rink (I don't know if this is the right word, found it over on a trancelation site)over here!
And that's awesome since it isn't freezing enough to go skating on real ice.
So tonight I took Chelsey-Anne with me to go ice skating for the very first time in her life.
At first she was a little bit scared, but along hte way she more and more enjoyed her it!!

I had the best time too and I can't waith to get back again.
Also it's nice to have some quality time together.
Sometimes she really needs a little attention just for her!!

Also I can't waith for Brooklynn to be old enough to go with us.
The three of us allway's have so much fun together so even though it's great to spend some time alone with Chelsey it's even more fun with the three of us girls together.
Okay, the four of us, daddy can join us too when he's back on his feet hehe :):)
(You know I love you Jer!!)

xoxo Jacqueline

zondag 14 december 2008


Do you like sketches ad much as I do????

Well I love them a lot, I think they are perfect in times when you don't have all that much of inspiration!!
So like not that long a go I've started to make some sketches of my own and it's so much fun to do!!
I'm going to make some more for inspiration and you can find them at Scrappy Times!!
We have some new other fun stuff too over at Scrappy Times.
There's a group were you can organize some swaps if you like.
And to keep things all clear we have a group were you can add your takes on the future challenge's!!!
Members keep signing up, we are growing every day!!
I'm so happy about it!!
So if you are'nt a member jet, sign up, we have a lot of fun allready!!!
And you can still try out for our Design Team untill saturday!
See you @ Scrappy Times
xoxo Jacqueline

vrijdag 12 december 2008


Jeremy came home yesterday!!
The girls are so happy to have there daddy back home (and so am I)!!
So now tomorrow we can celebrate a late st. Nicholas evening this weekend with the kids.
I'm so excited about it, love to see those faces when they get there pesents!!

Well keep it a short post for now.
I'm going to play over at Never Been Kissed Scrappers, they are having an online crop!

Bye, see you later!!!

dinsdag 9 december 2008

Just being busy!!!

Just being busy, that's just what I am!!
I keep myself busy though.
That's the only way for me to get trough this day's when the kids are to bed.

I'm trying to get my forum (Scrappy Times) going, I have 28 members allready, so that's going great!!
The first challenge is allready been done!!
Now there's a tutorial up at the blog of the forum, my first try on something like that!!!
I'm so loving to do this and hoping it turns out just the way I had in mind!!!
I'm hoping I will find a sponsor in the near future so I can organize some bigger challenges and have something for the comming Design Team to work with.
We'll see, first things first!!!

I'm also getting some scrapping done.
I've made a 6x12 page with a couple of photo's of my girls playing in the snow that fell down that one single day over here!!!

Then I did some Christmas decorating in the house and I'm far from ready jet!!
So excited, I loooooooove Christmas, it's making me forget the struggles we went trough this past year!!
I want the decorating finished though when Jeremy comes home from the hospital so that would be thursday we were told today.
Hopefully that's right, because we were told at first that it would be tomorrow.
We'll see, in mean while I have a nice 'to do' list to keep me busy!!

zaterdag 6 december 2008


So here an update on Jeremy and how he's doing!!
Surgery went well, very well, he's doing so much better.
The pain is allmost gone now, unbelievable.
He was having a serious infection, so his still on antbiotics via a drip for a few more day's.
If everything is oke they think he will be home at wednesday.
So we'll hoping for that offcourse!!

Thanks for all you thoughts and prayers.
Have a wonderfull evening and till next post!!!

xoxo jacqueline

vrijdag 5 december 2008


This morning they desided that they are going to operate on Jeremy's knee.
In a few hours they are taking him to the OR.
So this means he's not at home this night and we are not going to celebrate 'Sinterklaas' with the kids tonight as we planned.
I'm happy the kids are still young and don't really know what day it is, so we can give them there gifts later!
Pffff I'm a bit tyred, the kids didn't sleep well tonight and I was up from 4 am untill 7 am.
So this is it for now, going to get the girls dressed so they can visit there daddy when he gets back from the OR.


woensdag 3 december 2008

Bad Luck

With our youngest one being sick a lot ,we have a time full of worries.
I't is allmost making me sick too.
And now bad luck strikes us again.
My love is in the hospital, he had an accident at work and he has a wound by his knee.
They let him go home from the ER and a few hours later he was screaming from all the pain he had.
So back to the ER and they admitted him.
They found several blood clots in his leg.
Now it's waiting till tomorrow morning to find out what they are gonna do.
Jeremy was so tyred of the pain so he's a sleep now, it's allmostmidnight over here and I just can't sleep.
I feel terrible and holding my tears down, if I let them go I'm affraid I can't stop.
Well, that's it for today, going to check up on my girls, the younghest one have some trouble sleeping lately because of being sick all the time and i want to know if she's sleeping now.
Keep you all updated!!

xoxo Jacqueline

maandag 1 december 2008

Christmas project

I wasn't in a Christmas mood jet, but it's comming!!!
Especially when I see all Christmas projects everyone is making!!!
I'm all inspired right now, so I made a Christmas project that was inspired by a wall hanger a sister from SIStv made, Linda Loe.
She has an awesome style that I really love!!
So take a look over at her blog!!!!!

I must say, my Wii is very very very much fun so much fun that I don't even have much time left to scrap.
It's a hard choise for me, play the Wii or go scrapping!!!
Okay so the Wii is new for me now, I'll guess when we have it a little bit longer that I don't play all that much as I do now, so for now I enjoy and get back to scrapping later hehe :):):):)
So I'm gonna join Jeremy in the livingroom again right now to play a game of bowling on our awesome Wii!!!
Yes it's true, I'm still having that little girl in side of me and once in a while she comes out, like now!!!!
Much love to you all, Jacqueline