dinsdag 15 juli 2008

Not so Scrappie!

Today I did'nt feel very scrappie!!!
Took al lot of pictures though, off course I took them of my favorite subject....my lovely little girls!!
So when I finally can find time to start on there albums I have pictures enough!!
My 2 year old love to pose and have a realy fake smile sometimes, it's just so awesome.
The youngest one, she's 8 months, is always smiling and love the camera too.

Today my boyfriend and I have a good talk.
We wanted to get married this year in august, but after a difficult period in my (our) lifes we had to postponed it.
Now when everything is going much beter with me and my health we finally can start planning again.
We still want to get married in the summer so we're gonna get married next summer.
I'm so excieted about it.
I already picked a dress and orderd that one (because I was going to get married this year :):)LOL), tomorrow I'm going to the bridalstore to try it on!!!

Wel, I'm done blogging for today.
For one or another reason I can't upload my pics of the girls right now, so I'll try again tomorrow to show the awesome pics I took today!!

Have a good nigth sleep, see ya all tomorrow!!

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just jenn zei

Getting married is a great time in anyone's life. Best Wishes!