vrijdag 19 september 2008

My nephew is born!!! (and some scrapping)

I'm so happy and excited.
Last wednesday my newest newphew Timo was born, and I'm so proud to be his godmother!!!!.
He's soooooooo very very adorable!!!
It's my brother's second son and he's so proud of his little boy's (offcourse).
I'm so very happy for him and his wife.

I can't waith to hold him for the very first time.
I went to see him a couple of times now, but he's sleeping a lot offcourse so I did'nt had the change to hold him allready.
So I'm trying to be patient and maybe today he will be awake when I get there!!!

Did some scrapping too this week, made a layout of a sketch from the Pink Sketches Blog.
So this is my take for there third sketch!!

2 reacties:

Peggy Severins zei

Hey eindelijk is hij er dan. Ik weet nog hoe je op een schopstoel zat op de Sis crop :) Het kereltje zat goed bij moeders. Gefeliciteerd in ieder geval.

merryheart2 zei

congratulations on your nephew.
i loved your take on the sketch. it is so cute.