vrijdag 12 juni 2009

Have you seen my MOJO!!!!????

Just did my confession on the Scrappy Times Forum about my mojo!
It seemd I've lost it along the way, I haven't scrapped since the Scrappy Times Cybercrop and we had the crop right after easter!
So you can imagine I feel terribly lost now!!

I reorganized my stuff, that didn't help, I sat down and stare for hours to my pretty papers, embellies, tools, photo, everything, but it didn't brought me my mojo back!
So now I call up to you...: Have you seen my mojo???? If so leave me a comment and I will contact you to let you know where to send it to!!!!!


maandag 8 juni 2009

Brooklynn and me

Yesterday it was just Brooklynn and me in the afternoon and we had such a great time!!!
Jeremy took our oldest one to the amusement park and Brooklynn and I stayed at home.
I'm so tired lately and I wanted a nice and quiet weekend.

Brooklynn and I took the dog out for a walk and we had so much fun together!!!
She enjoyed having all my attention just for herself.
It was just great with my little girl spending time together!!

And look at this photo's....isn't she adorable??? :):):):):)
I'm so proud of her, well I'm proud of both my girls, they are getting big way to fast!!!!

zaterdag 6 juni 2009

Extra time for the first challenge....

Hi ladies,

Because of new members signing in we've decided to give you all some extra time to enter your LO for the first challenge of our Artist of the Month Competition!!!
You can enter your LO before June 7th, midnight CST!!

You will receive 10 points if you enter your LO before tomorrow, midnight.
If you make a LO for the first challenge and you'll enter it after tomorrow, midnight but before the second challenge is up and running you will receive 5 points!!!

You can find more about the competition at the Scrappy Times Forum!!

Good luck ladies!!!!

dinsdag 2 juni 2009

Scrappy Times Competition!!!

Hi scrappy friends!!!

Do we have something fun in store for you over at Scrappy Times, I'm sooooooo excited!!!!!
We are having a competition this month and it will be all about our June's Artist of the Month!!!
I didn't reveald her yet but you can find out who we've chosen in a few, first things first!

This is how the competition will look like and what you'll have to do to win!!!

Every Designer will come up with a challenge related to our Artist of the Month.
You will have to stop by here on a regulare base to find out if there's a new challenge posted for he competition.
When there's a new challenge for the competition is posted you will have 48 hours to enter your submission.
If you turn in your LO within 24 hours you will receive 25 points.
If you turn in your LO within 48 hours you will receive 15 points.
There will be 10 more bonus points for the LO our Designers like most!!

We have 5 Scrappy Times Designers, so there will be 5 challenges, the comeptition ends 48 hours after the fifth challenge that's posted!!!

So if you are up to this, keep a very close eye on the boards and have FUN!!!!!!!