zondag 26 oktober 2008

FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!!!

Last friday was awesome!!!!

We spent the day in a themepark here in the Netherlands, called "De Efteling".
It was a rainy day, but never the less we had a blast!!!

Our little girls loved it too.
It was Brooklynn's first time ever in de Efteling and she wasn't reallt that impressed.
Chelsey on the other hand totally loved it, she loved it the first time she was there and now even loved it more.

I've made about 240 pictures!!!!! :):):):)
So I have a lot of scrapping a head of me.........and I really son't mind ;) :):):):):)
Well here are some of the pictures, TFL and see you soon!!!!!!

2 reacties:

Nadine Marksteiner zei


You have really nice pictures. You should go to mainmag.net and upload your pictures and make fridge magnets from them and send them to all your family and friends!



Mishel and Marki zei

It's good pictures!!!