donderdag 25 september 2008

"The T-Master, Just Hangin"

That's the title of the layout I made for a Fashionista Challenge at SIStv.
The challenge was to make a layout based on a sketch and it happen to be that I like sketches very very much!!!!!
So this challenge was fun to me.

F-girl Gretchen is the hostess for this challenge and this is de sketch she made.

So yesterday's evening I dat down and started playing with the sketch.
I used a picture of my nephew Thijs.
He's sitting on the bed of his parents, drinking and watching his favorite dvd 'Sprookjesboom'.
That's a cartoon of a tree that tells story's about the caracters you can find at theme park 'De Efteling'.
I love this picture of him, he's so relaxed sitting there while everyone around him is looking at his new born baby brother!

maandag 22 september 2008

Our newest family member!

Today our new family member moved in!!!
We are all so excited and happy about it.
His name is Clifford and he's crazy about the girls and he just met them!
The girls are in love too allready!
So here is a picture of our Clifford and the girls!
Don't you just love that cute little doggie??

vrijdag 19 september 2008

My nephew is born!!! (and some scrapping)

I'm so happy and excited.
Last wednesday my newest newphew Timo was born, and I'm so proud to be his godmother!!!!.
He's soooooooo very very adorable!!!
It's my brother's second son and he's so proud of his little boy's (offcourse).
I'm so very happy for him and his wife.

I can't waith to hold him for the very first time.
I went to see him a couple of times now, but he's sleeping a lot offcourse so I did'nt had the change to hold him allready.
So I'm trying to be patient and maybe today he will be awake when I get there!!!

Did some scrapping too this week, made a layout of a sketch from the Pink Sketches Blog.
So this is my take for there third sketch!!

donderdag 11 september 2008

Scrapping the music #53

This week I saw this challengeblog for the first time.
I must say, I like it very much.
Such a great idea to let music inspire you.

This weeks song is "Girls just want to have fun", I so love that song!
And I had just the right pictures for a layout with that title.

A few day's a go my little girls and I had so much fun taking the pictures that I've used.
I'm very happy with the results of the layout, every layout is a step closer to finding my own style, to find back a little of myself again.
Some day's are so difficult to me, sometimes it's hard to get up out of bed.
Lucky enough I have to beautiful little girls who keep me going.
They are the reason that I'm recovering from this PPD, they fill my day's with joy and fun.
And not forgetting that my fiancé is the best ever!!!
He's never complaning when I'm having a worse day, I feel so loved by him!!

Some day this all be over and I'm back being me again!

I just realised it's 9/11 today, no one will ever forget!

woensdag 10 september 2008

Last week....

Last week was so much fun!!!
Didn't had time to work on last weeks project for SIStv's Project Catwalk, had so much to do so I didn't made it.

Saturday it was my sister in law's birthday, so I had some shopping to do.
I bought her some scrapping supplies, she loved it!!
It was a great evening also.
My little girls had so much fun playing with their nephew.

Sunday was amazing to me, I went to my very first crop ever!!!
It was the 4th Dutch SIStv crop, I had so much fun!!!

It was so much fun meeting so much of the Dutch SISters.

Made a layout for Pencil Lines.
Sketch #101 from Becky Novacek.

Hope you have just as much fun as I do!!!

dinsdag 2 september 2008

Project Catwalk week 7

Last week it was week #7 allready.
Time is going way to fast!!!
It's waiting for tomorrow to find out what our next challenge is going to be!!
Can't wait!
So I didn't make it every week to paticipate, but I learned so much from the weeks I did!!

Last week it was all about textures!!
Thought it was tough one, but I made it!!
This is how my layout turned out to be:

Looking forward to tomorrow, can't waith for the new challenge!!
Can't waith either for sunday.
Than we have our 4th Dutch SIStv crop!!!
The very first I'm going to, well, actually my first crop ever.
Can you believe that????
I'm sure it's going to be so much fun!!!

So I'm off now, kids are calling me!!!